Looking for a soccer match
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I recently saw a great soccer goal, the US team juggled the ball across three players (about) and then scored. Anyone know the particular match and where I can download a video of it?

The game took place within the past month or so...
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Fifa's website has results of all the games played by every team, ever, basically. The US has only played five games since September, so shouldn't be too hard for you to isolate which game it was.
posted by ascullion at 5:43 AM on November 19, 2004

Response by poster: Yeah, I was being lazy, posting on the odd chance a fan would know exactly what I was talking about. Thanks.
posted by tetsuo at 6:59 AM on November 19, 2004

Ah, sorry. Thought you were someone who accidentally stumbled on a game and didn't know anything about it!
posted by ascullion at 10:33 AM on November 19, 2004

I am pretty sure you mean this goal, although it isn't the US team but the Netherlands and it was in 1988, not this month.

Still a bloody good game of footie.
posted by sebas at 12:19 PM on November 19, 2004

sebas: Ah, toen van Basten nog op aarde was!

Did you check soccernet.com ? Lots of statistics and game reports there.
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