DJ Headphones for The Big-Eared?
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I'm an earbud guy who needs a recommendation for DJ headphones...that won't hurt my ears.

I gave up on over-the-ear headphones years ago, because after wearing them for as little as a half hour, my ears start to hurt (and they're not even that big!). It's something to do with the way that they're shaped: there's a little cartilaginous ridge that sticks out just a millimeter too far. Or maybe they're just being bent back too much. I can't figure it out, but the problem is there, and the solution is earbuds.

Hence I have an amazing pair of UltimateEars SuperFi 5 Pros. But I've finally decided to get serious about DJing, just bought some equipment, and as per the conclusion of this question, it seems like I'm going to need to get traditional headphones.

I would really appreciate any recommendations that you have for very comfortable headphones that won't make my ears sore when I wear them. Bonus points if it's under $100. Triple bonus points if it's under $75 - I've already spent all the money I need to on equipment to pump music into my ears. Thanks everyone!
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Sennheiser HD-280. $100 at Guitar Center. The last pair I bought I bargained down to $100 with a ($20) 3 year extended warranty, tax included. Indecently, I'm on my third pair because I lost my second pair and my first pair got stolen.
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Best answer: These are what you want.

The Sony MDR-V600's are what I used for years when playing at raves all over North America. They have an earcup design that will completely surround your ears so they are super comfortable. Also, you can turn up your volume extremely loud and they remain undistorted which is what you need while DJing (at least at raves/clubs). They are padded and cushioned well which increases the comfort. They are also reasonably durable.

Back when I got my first pair, they were in the $100 range. Now they appear to have dropped to $70.80 FTW!
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Best answer: I believe that circumaural is the key word you need. That's the really big earcups that rest not on the ear itself, but on the skull surrounding the ear. All your cartilaginous parts should be positioned naturally and unbent inside the cup.
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Best answer: Seconding xotis. I just checked my comfy pair and they're MDR-V600s.
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Even though I've owned two pair of Sony MDR-V700s over the last 8-9 years, I would recommend against them. If I put them around my neck, I find that they borderline choke me, and they begin to hurt my ears if I am using for an extended period (3+ hours). I mention this only because the MDR-V700s are what Sony touts as their "DJ style" headphones.
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