How to reach Doctor Fun cartoonist David Farley
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I'd like to ask cartoonist David Farley for permission to reprint one of his Doctor Fun cartoons. The FAQ says to request permission by email, but his listed address ( bounces. Can anyone tell me how to reach him? Thanks.
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Yeah, he's at dgf1 AT midway DOT uchicago DOT edu, and his phone number's even online. (Not to be unkind, but you could've saved yourself a week's question with a quick Googling — this was the fourth result for "David Farley" "Doctor Fun".)
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So it is, although my question pushed it down one. Here's hoping the information is up to date.
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Mike, did you verify that the address is in fact reachable? That address stopped showing up on the actual cartoons in May 1995 (replaced by d hyphen farley at tezcat dot com). The address is what's on the last cartoon from 2006. Also, there's a note on the page you linked to that says "This artist is likely inactive on SITO. The last time they did anything here was 2000-06-16. If they have given an email address, it may be out-of-date and invalid."

Espertus, have you tried tracking him down through United Feature Syndicate? They started distributing Doctor Fun in '95 and may still have contact details.
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It's astonishingly easy to confirm that he retains his day job and can be reached there.
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FWIW, ibiblio outsourced its e-mail service recently (maybe a week or two ago?). Addresses _should_ still work as usual, but there's a slight chance he's having weird e-mail problems.
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For the record, the email address provided by WCityMike works.
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