Halp save my oyster stew!
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The milk in my oyster stew boiled over. Is it salvageable? I've got an oyster stew on the stove, ingredients are half and half, a tonne of butter, oysters, shallots and celery. I left it (I know, I know) in the care of a roomate for two minutes, and it boiled over. Now the milk is a little clotty. Is there a fix, or has this been ruined?
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Note: I don't think it has scalded or burnt, it's simply boiled and gotten scummy on top.
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Taste it -- if there's no burnt taste, it's fine, even if the texture is a little off.
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Maybe skim off the scummy part.
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Um... how would it be ruined? What's wrong with it? Is it curdled? Burnt tasting?
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Should be fine. If it tastes okay that is. There isn't any health issue that would be caused by boiling it. Some recipes even call for that. The main reason most cooks avoid it is the bad taste from scorching and the scum that forms.
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Boiling milk let's it it's flavor change to scalded milk. It won't taste the same, but googling reveals oyster stew recipes actually calling for scalded milk (which is delicious). Why not see if you can modify your recipe based on those?
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