Help! I screwed up my taxes
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I moved to California in late March. All my W2 says New York. How badly have I screwed up? How can I fix it?

Last year I took a full time job with a company in California. I traveled back and forth until late March when I decided to move out full time. Blame it on the long hours, blame it on sheer stupidity, but I didn't look at my W2 until yesterday. It says NY.

As I understand it, this means my employer has withheld tax for New York and not California, so I probably have to pay California a big chunk and get a big refund from New York.

I know I'm probably in a bit of trouble, and there's probably going to be some fines involved, but what is the best way to handle this now? Is there a way to get an extension so I can have my W2s corrected? Is there a way to file in both states?
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You moved to California in March of THIS year? In that case, you're fine, pay your NY taxes for 2008.
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Response by poster: I moved in March of 2008. Sorry, I should have been more specific.
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Best answer: This happened to me almost exactly-- I just had my employer re-issue me an amended W-2 with CA instead of NY as my address (having begged and pleaded with them on the phone, having to fax them proof that I was actually a CA resident at the time of the payment, etc) but they did it. THEN I had to get my accountant to send the amended W-2 along with a letter explaining what happened, and some forms to correct it. Expect to get some fines that will eventually be waived once they process your paperwork.

If you paid NY state AND California state taxes (as I did) expect to have to wait at least 9 - 12 months before NY pays you back. I sent in my corrected forms in September, and they said (a couple weeks ago) that the earliest I'd get a refund is six months-- FROM NOW. But that it is more likely to be nine months-- FROM NOW. Damn NY state. But I already paid my CA taxes, so yeah you need to pay those ASAP regardless of whether you paid NY state.

Good luck, it sucks but is supposedly fixable.
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