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Powerbook Titanium Keyboard Question: Hitting certain keys on my laptop results in a string of weird symbols and line breaks. Any ideas on what the problem is and what I can do about it? (MI)


When I hit the left bracket key, I get a:
Additionally, hitting this will increase my screen brightness by one.

When I hit the caps lock key, I get:
In addition, the volume on my laptop increases.

Hitting the equals sign:0p;/ (line break)=]
The right arrow: 8ik,
The up arrow: 9ol.\

I've gotten used to just avoiding these keys, which is a huge pain, but if anyone has any advice, I'd be extremely grateful.
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Sounds like something is shorting out, especially since the keys you're talking about are all in a straight line from one another on the keyboard. If you're still under AppleCare, contact Apple and send it in to get fixed. If not, you can try picking up a replacement keyboard online. I had to replace mine after I broke a few keys from overuse; cost me maybe $50.
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It gets cold in Chicago! But you should take off your mittens.

Serioulsly though, what bc said, and, as a stop gap measure, a cheap USB keyboard from CompUSA of whomever should tide you over until your replacement arrrives. I use an external keyboard when I'm at home anyway as it's more comfortable, and to extend the lifespan of my beloved AlBook. Good luck.
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If you're ordering a replacement keyboard anyways, you could take your present keyboard, and wash it. Yes, literally, drench it in water, perhaps with soap (although if you use soap, you will definately want to give it a REALLY REALLY REALLY good rinse out). It might be cola or something else spilled in there interfering between the traces on the keyboard.

After you let it dry for a long while (perhaps a week) you could hook it back up and see if it still works. If it does, lucky you, you get to eBay your replacement, or just keep it in a closet, handy.

Please note: Not all keyboards respond so well to washing... And, obviously, don't do this with the keyboard attached to anything. :)
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