Floor Lamp Me!
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I just moved to a new home that has poor lighting in my office. I'm looking for a nice freestanding floor lamp with some powerful bulbs to illuminate the office or another suggestion on what to do. The office is used mainly for reading and writing my law related stuff. I'm willing to pay a $100 (possible more) for a quality floor lamp. I liked this one from amazon but the shade is plastic and I think it might look cheap in person. Points if the link is to something I can order online! Thanks!
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There are a bunch of floor lamps at Overstock.com. Here is a nice one.

There are a few at CB2 in your price range, although most of them of a drum light shade, and that might not be best for task lighting. Here is one I like.

Target has a bunch of options. Here is nice torchiere. Here is a nice task lamp.
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I don't have any suggestions, but I do have one of the lamps you linked to, and they are indeed cheap looking.
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Ikea's Jokel lamp looks like it would be just the ticket. Looks elegant and provides the dual floor/reading function.

My husband and I have had the Not for 4 years now. It still works great and, though it has a plastic shade, looks quite nice in our office.
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I think the rule of thumb is 3 lighting sources. You probably have an overhead light then also get a floor lamp and then a lamp for your desk. I find having these three kinds of options available make any room more comfortable.
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My $9.99 Target floor lamp, same general style of the amazon one you linked to, doesnt look cheap because of the shade. The plastic shade looks just fine and you wouldn't really know it is plastic unless you wanted to go and see what it was made of.

That said, it does look cheap because it leans a little, the column is very skinny and the top is a little too heavy to make it stand up completely straight. I would just make sure your column isn't super skinny (mine is probably .5" inches in diameter or less). Personally, I don't care most of the time but sometimes I look at it and it really annoys me until I remember it cost $9.99.
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