Best site for refrigerator shopping?
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Is there a site where I can search for specific refrigerator dimensions? Not cubic capacity, but actual height, width and depth.

I need a new frig. And my kitchen has a small sized spot, one that will not accommodate those mega-fridges that are on the market. Is there any website that will let you search according to actual dimensions. Cubic capacity means nothing to me.
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If you find one that looks close, go to the manufacturer's website. Most of them will list more complete specs and/or link to the user manual.
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This was a frustration when I went through it. You'd think that home depot or someone would be able to take care of a simple thing like that, but no.
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Some of the big box sites like Best Buy and Home Depot will let you filter by the dimensions.

And FWIW I spell it, fridge not frig ^_^;
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I looked casually for a small fridge recently, and they always seemed to list the actual size. I think you start your search with the same cubic footage as the one you have, then you have to look at each one for the actual measurements. It's a tiny bit annoying b/c you have to do one more step than you want to, but....

I just went to and searched on 19 cubic feet, picked a cheap one, and the description that pops up lists this:

Color: White
Capacity (Cu. Ft.): 21.7
Flush / Built-In Look: No
Ice Maker: Yes
Water Dispenser: Yes
Water Filtration: Yes
Defrost Type: Frost-Free
Dual Cooling: Yes
Fresh Food Shelves: 3
Door Shelves: 4
Freezer Shelves: 3
Freezer Baskets/Bins: 1
Custom Door Kit Compatible: No
Depth, Including Handles (Inches): 33-3/4
Depth, Excluding Handles (Inches): 31-3/8
Depth, Less Door (Inches): 29-1/4
Height to Top of Case (Inches): 65-7/8
Height to Top of Door Hinge (Inches): 66-3/4
Width (Inches): 32-3/4

Energy Star Compliant: Yes
Manufacturer's Warranty (Parts): Limited 1 Year
Manufacturer's Warranty (Labor): Limited 1 Year
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There's always the low-tech option of heading to the appliance store with a tape measure.
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Sears' web site lets you filter your search by maximum height, width, and depth. Other stores possibly do this as well, but I appreciated this feature when I bought a refrigerator a few months ago.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the responses.

Like I said, I was hoping to find a site where you could plug in all three dimensions for maximum size. Not one at a time. The Home Depot and Best Buy numbers for height and width simply reinforce the reality that a 59x28x23 inch fridge is not a popular size.

I know that most sites list the dimensions, but they are usually buried. I do not know the cubic capacity of my current model. It is not listed in the interior, or on the back.

I was hoping to avoid the low-tech tape-measure route (which I've already done at one store), but that looks like that is what I'm gonna have to do.
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