Old Cartoon filter: Looking for "Kitchen of the Future" style parody cartoons.
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Old Cartoon filter: Looking for "Kitchen of the Future" style parody cartoons.

OK, when I was a kid there was a certain kind of cartoon that I REALLY loved. I BELIEVE it was related to Warner Brother's in some way, but I could be wrong.

The cartoons I'm thinking of always parodied the "Kitchen of the Future" style films from the 50's. The trade show films that would show a car with a record player, or really early versions of washing machines and whatnot. That's a horrific description. I hope people just know what I'm talking about.

So anyways, I'm looking for the cartoons that PARODIED those films. Is there a certain artist or director that was known for those cartoons? I've been doing some digging, but it's hard to google something that parodies something that you can't even describe well.

Thanks for any help!
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Response by poster: Update: Here's an example of an original film, only this one is from the 70's, and I'm thinking of the ones from the 50's (not that it matters so much, but I believe the cartoons were that era also)

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Tex Avery?
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nearly positive you mean Tex Avery.

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I definitely remember seeing a cartoon parody like this. I'm pretty certain it was Looney Tunes. I think that it was more generally a house of the future, though, not just kitchen. And for some reason I seem to remember that the house could rise up and down on a pole or something, but I might just be confusing that with the Jetsons. That's all I've got, though. I just wanted to confirm that you're not making this up and that someone (who can't describe it any better) does know what you're talking about.
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Oh man, look at this.

And it doesn't look like the one I remember, but I found this.
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Response by poster: Tex Avery! Perfect! Thanks so much guys! Now to see if I can find a DVD set or something.
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Not exactly what you are looking for, but some of the Fallout (PC game) series opening cinematic was done in this style. The game is about post-nuclear-war world and the art style is heavily based on 70's I think.

Good luck!
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Response by poster: @jstarlee - I love Fallout3, great game
@Rhaomi I was just about to post that exact same list.

Those are the only ones I can find though, maybe this style wasn't as prolific as I remembered.
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You may be conflating these as well with all the Warner Bros. cartoons that took place in a strange technological future - such as House Hunting Mice. it seemed to me that the music was always Raymond Scott's powerhouse.
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