Amelie music box?
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Where in Paris can I buy a small, relatively-inexpensive music box which plays the theme waltz from the movie "Amelie?" Will be there in a few days.
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You can try this shop. They only sell music boxes.
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Do you mean a mechanical music box? If so, getting obscure music cut into a drum in the space of days seems unlikely to happen. I'd suggest something like this DIY music box which allows you to make a mechanical music box play whatever music you want it to.

Failing that, mount an mp3 player or voice recorder in a box.
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I think the OP is talking about the popular 7 Euro tourist gift music boxes which play a variety of French songs. You can find those anywhere, they are in almost every gift shop. If you want to be sure then try Place du Tertre in Montmartre or Rue d'Arcole, adjacent to Notre Dame. As I say, don't sweat as you'll find them no problem.
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I bought a componium in the shop rom1 suggested. It's essentially what -harlequin linked, except it was about €90-100. Worth bearing in mind, in case you get carried away by Paris and decide it's worth punching out the music yourself, because it'll be much cheaper to go the ThinkGeek route.

They're beautiful things, though. I gave mine to my now-ex and can stop wishing I'd kept it, now that there's a $13 replacement.
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Not a music box but if you have a blackberry you can have the Amelie music as your ringtone and it's free.
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