Can't switch between XBox and Computer on my LCD Monitor
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How can I switch between my XBox 360 and my Computer on my LG 22" widescreen monitor?

I have a 3rd party VGA adapter for my XBox. It only works with the LCD monitor (Model L226wtx-bf) if there is no signal on the DVI from the computer.

I can run another computer into the VGA input and switch between both computers just fine using the Source button. If I try to do the same thing with the XBox, It will not switch to Analog. I get a black screen for a second or two and then it goes back to the DVI.

If I have the XBox running and displaying on the LCD, I can boot up the computer and the VGA continues to work until I switch over to DVI. Then I can't get back to the XBox.
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Set your PC to turn off the display after 1 minute?

Other options:

Get a DVI switch box so you can send no signal on demand ($80?)

Get a better LCD ($150 - Dell 22 WFP)

Get an extension cable to disconnect at an easier location
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Response by poster: Hm, that first option isn't horrible. Right now I'm looking at setting up display macros to turn off the display when I need to.

Is there any guarantee the a better LCD would actually work properly? How do I know that this is a problem with the LCD and not with the cheap 3rd party adapter or even the way the XBox handles VGA output?

If I was going to buy anything, I'd probably just get a TV to wallmount above my monitors. Unfortunately, that's not an option currently.
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I have a similar setup at my desk. If you set up extension cables, like SirStan suggests, you can make disconnecting and connecting a breeze.

My setup has the cord coming from the xbox to near my computer, with a female-female adapter on the end, so I can just yank the VGA cord from my laptop and plug it into the end of the xbox cord. If your PC hookup isn't easy to reach, another extension cable can fix that problem.

I really think this is the simplest way to solve your problem without buying another display.
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Response by poster: Turning off the monitor in my settings is a no go. The XBox will not display unless I physically unplug the DVI cable. That's pretty annoying.

I'd rather not use VGA for my Computer if I can avoid it.
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Best answer: The answer was to get a KVM switch to put between the XBox 360 and the monitor. This must change the signal enough so that the monitor doesn't ignore it. Now everything works as it's supposed to.
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