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October Project's self-titled CD is among my favorites of all time. I also love Mary Fahl's "The Other Side of Time." Can anyone reccomend something that is similar to either OP or Mary Fahl? (MI)

Especially useful would be resources on the web to help me find music in whatever genre this fits into, be it a site with samples, discussion of artists, whatever. The local music stores and radio stations here are all as corporate as can be and 99% of what I like I have found online - yet I am not that good at finding stuff on my own. The mp3 newsgroups seem to be pretty limited in selection themselves, the same stuff is posted over and over, etc.
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I find the All Music Guide to be pretty spot on.

Maybe try Cocteau Twins and early His Name Is Alive (the album "Livonia" is one to check out).

For the web, there's also Trouser Press, I couldn't find the O.P. on there, but there's tons of good music information.
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it might be a stretch but milla jovovich of l'oreal and fifth element fame's first record the divine comedy fits the same niche in my head. the OP record is really wonderful, yeah, and milla's has that same indescribable quality to me.
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I like October Project a lot too. None of these will be exactly close, but you might take a look at some of Enya's stuff. It has the same kind of lush vocals and orchestra arrangements.

You might try Grey Eye Glances. I got those albums at the same time, so they're linked in my head. Not sure if you'll agree or not.

Mazzy Star has a dream like quality to some of their music that you might like. Give Sigur Ros a listen.

You might like Sundays, or you might also want to give a listen to something like Story. Just some thoughts for you.

CD Baby is a great independent music store. They have a Sounds Like search where you put in an artist you like and it recommends others you might like. It seems to be based on bands themselves who indicate who they think they sound like or who influenced them. It can be hit or miss, but you might have some good results trying that.
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Wow, haven't heard of OP in years. Saw them open for Sarah McLaughlin (sp?) a long time ago and they were magnificent.

Innocence Mission is in the same mold. If you like it a little more poppy, Cock Robin has a similar vibe. I will also second Mazzy Star.

Some of these are on iTunes. You could always look them up and at least get a short sample.
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Whoa, people who like October Project? Ever since I was 14, I've been trying to find other people who like them, with no luck! This makes me happy.

Anyway, as for recommendations, it's tough, 'cause there's just no one quite like OP, is there?

Some of my recommendations:

Sheila Chandra - Moonsung
Anything by Sarah McLachlan, though Fumbling Towards Ecstasy is probably the best place to start.
Also pretty much anything by Beth Orton, but Central Reservation is my fave.
Sarah Slean
Sinead O'Connor (wackiness aside, her voice is undeniably lovely)
Tori Amos
The Cranberries

Hell, I can send you a mix, if you want! Sometimes I get teased for my Lilith Fair-like music collection, but this is the type of music I listen to most.
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Innocence Mission
Over the Rhine
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Response by poster: Thankoo for the replies, people. Already own pretty much everything by Tori, several cds by Sarah and the Cranberries, but know little to nothing about the rest. I'll do some listening over the weekend.
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