Help a friend find a book she loved as younger person.
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Trying to find a friend find a book she remembers reading as a child, fantasy genre, wizards, kids with magic, and it was a trillogy! Better description (kinda) inside

Ok, so I'm too lazy to retype it all, so I'm just cutting and pasting my chat history where she is describing the book so please excuse the scatterbrainedness. She remembers having the book in middle school so it's at least 90's old, but probably pre 80's.

this book
its about a brother and sister
it a sort of fantasy world, knights, magic, temptresses, oceans, sea, sacrfice
the brother has an affinity with fire, and the girl has an affinity for dream seeing or something to that effect
anyways they dont know this in the beginning
like because they are orphaned i think they get shipped off across the sea?
and on board the ship, the brother meets this white/silver haired lady who is the main evil person(from what i recall)
and she convinces him to lose his virginity to her and thus became her slave
and then the sister, like.. either figures out what is happening or she gets in trouble?
and there is this storm
and the brother and sister wash ashore this island
where they meet this grizzled old mage
after they explore the island
like they find him sitting in a meadow on a stump
and he speaks to the sister in her mind
and the brother gets jealous that he doesnt have the ability to speak mind to mind
and gets across the notion that he wants the power to protect himself and his sister
and like. the mage begins to teach them
but halfway through the brother's training the brother is like "DUDE I got this I"M SO AWESOME"
well the brother is like "Yeah I can control my powers im amazing and soooo powerful!"
and he leaves the island to go to the white haired lady
and becomes evil
the series ends with him catching himself on fire and destroying this forest and himself in order to destroy and evil army and save the kingdom from descrutction
but the sister always has hope in him and keeps trying to break through the evil the temptress bespelled him into
but the old dude was very important to the story, and i think he died when he finished training the sister
and she ends up i think advising the king? or something like that
i think the brother and sister's uncle may have tried to sell them as slaves and that may have been why they were on the boat at sea
but there was a lightning storm and it threw them off the boat maybe
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Damn. I wish I could help you with this. I've read so much fantasy (starting in the early 80s) that I should know this. But, I'm drawing a blank. However, I'm going to consult with some experts (first on the list, my brother, also a fantasy nerd) and will try to get back to you.

Good luck.
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Don't recognize the book description but I highly recommend, where you can post a description of a book for two dollars (you'd probably need to tighten up the description a bit) and other readers help figure out what it is. I've found a bunch of books that way (and it's fun to figure out solutions, too)
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This sounds a little like 5th Quarter by Tanya Huff, but also doesn't. Hmm.
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it sounds vaguely like Seaward by Susan Cooper. been years since i rwad it though so that could be very vaguely...
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Response by poster: Sorry guys, neither of those two are it, and thanks for the loganberry suggestion, this is now posted there too.
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