Which Pianist Doesn't Like Daniel Albright?
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Does anyone know which pianist wrote this obscure piece?

When I was in college, a young pianist came to perform in the Lower Common Room of Adams House at Harvard University. He played an absolutely hilarious song he'd written for his thesis adviser, Daniel Albright. Apparently, Mr. Albright had called the pianist's work absolutely dreck. Perhaps appropriately, then, the piece was entitled, "Fuck you, Daniel Albright".

I would like to hear this performer again, or at the least get a copy of that piece. Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about?
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Probably Max Levinson--he's the only professional pianist I know with an undergraduate degree in English from Harvard.
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As an Adams House alum, this question interests me. But I also think it may be too obscure. Plenty of pianists graduated from Harvard and I can name at least one who was from Adams House itself- Thomas Lauderdale of Pink Martini. Anyways, just because he played piano in the Adams House Lower Common Room does not imply he was a professional pianist.

To be honest, I'd just email one of the House music tutors who probably helped arrange the performance.
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But I also think it may be too obscure. Plenty of pianists graduated from Harvard

Yes, but only people with fairly recent undergraduate degrees in English (or in History and Lit, I suppose) would have had Daniel Albright for a thesis advisor.

So I guess it could have been Thomas Lauderdale instead--he's class of '92, and Levinson is class of '93.
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Response by poster: Sid, you are right. Max Levinson. Excellent deduction!
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So... did you find the piece itself? Would love to hear it.
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