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Crystal Clear Eyeglass frames?

Hi folks. I'm looking for glasses like this. Sort of like Bono, but clear. I cannot find them for the life of me. Any suggestions?
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Here are two pairs on zennioptical.com. Goggles4u has some clear pairs as well, but you need to search through th page manually to find them.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the notes. I understand that Zenni is no longer returning calls, so that's out. Also, I'm just looking for men's frames.
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Moscot has a bunch of "crystal" options including the Henry Kissinger style frames that are sort of hip now.
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I'd take the negative reports from glassyeyes about zenni with a grain of salt--as the proprietor of the site was disavowing them, they not only sent me shipping confirmation and tracking, but sent me a follow-up email to check as to whether I was satisfied with my glasses. While there are some vocally unhappy customers on the online eyegass forums, there seem to be just as many completely satisfied (and puzzled by the complaints) customers there, too. I have ~12 pairs from there, and it never took more than 3 weeks for me to receive them.

Just a note that the pair in the link looks like a unisex frame. I'd go by lens shape and dimensions rather than what the glasses are labeled.
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I've successfully purchased frames from Zenni and am probably going to purchase another pair in the next couple of days. It wasn't the most awesome CS experience I've ever had, and shipping was slow, but I got my glasses and they were fine.

Also seconding the advice to disregard the arbitrary gender classifications of frames.
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Just for the record I've had nothing but great experiences with Zenni - I've bought from them twice now. And both times I made a mistake with my prescription, and both times they've caught it.
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Wow, people are bitching about Zenni? I bought glasses from them and was totally happy. My sister did, too.
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I've ordered from Zenni twice and had no problems. Perhaps if there had been a problem I would have experienced their reputedly lousy customer service.
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I haven't had a problem with Zenni, either. If you make sure you're ordering the right thing (get a proper prescription, including pupilary distance!) you should be good like wood.

I bought a $6 pair of sunglasses from a party supply store and got Global Eyeglasses to relens them (sadly, they're no longer relensing, which makes me sad, because they were the cheapest at $20 a pop). So, if you find a pair of non-prescription sunglasses that you love, relensing is an option as well.
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