How did Kyle Payne get caught?
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How did Kyle Payne get caught?
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A police report was filed and they investigated.
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Didn't he post images of the assault on the internet?

Reading his blog post about it made my skin crawl.
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More here and here and here.
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Jesus. I want to take a shower after reading that moron's disgusting, self-serving blog posts: he's so totally the victim. Ugh.

"On April 26, 2007, Storm Lake Police issued a search warrant for Pierce Hall, room B10, as part of an investigation into the incident being conducted in conjunction with Iowa DCI and BVU Campus Security. Officials later executed a search warrant on Payne's vehicle, which was located in a BVU parking lot.

During the search, police seized a computer and digital camera from Payne's room. Police located photographs of the victim that were personal in nature and revealed that the female may have been physically assaulted without her acknowledgement. The seized items were forwarded to the DCI crime lab for forensic analysis. At that time, 22-year-old Payne was identified as a suspect in the case.

On May 30, investigators executed an additional warrant at Payne's residence in Ida Grove. There, police seized another computer and other evidence, which were forwarded to the State Crime Lab for analysis." (via The Undercurrent)
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First I've heard of this sickening story. Kind of surprised it didn't get a post on the Blue.
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The simple answer to the post is that a "third party" brought this to the attention of authorities. Interesting that Payne, in his incredibly self-serving blog post - in which he does his best to portray himself as a "victim" while still attempting to appear "brave" in admitting his undeniable actions - never uses the word "rape" in conjunction with those same actions. But that's what it was, in a few different ways.
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Wait, where does it say rape?
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Yes NOWHERE it says that the girl was raped...the OP is asking how did somebody find out that the guy had taken pictures of the girl in the first place? Did he show them to somebody else and then that person let the authorities know?
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You're right, it doesn't say she was raped per se. In my defense, the term "sexual assault" is a euphemism for non-consensual sex in my language (as it would be commonly translated, that is) and wouldn't be understood by most people as anything but that really. Also, I was sent a link to this earlier today, and it refers (erroneously, perhaps) to Payne having raped the victim. And I've always considered "rape," in English, simply as "sexual connection with a woman without her consent," which is what it says in one of my English dictionaries. But having asked some friends about the way it's used commonly, the majority seems to perceive it as "forced intercourse," although not everyone limited the definition to that.

In the case of this girl, I can easily imagine that the feelings connected with the incident were more akin to those of a rape victim than those of a recipient of "hurtful and abusive actions," as Payne describes it. Which was my point in the first place; Payne stretches his language in such a way as to minimize what he did, as I read it.
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the OP is asking how did somebody find out that the guy had taken pictures of the girl in the first place? Did he show them to somebody else and then that person let the authorities know?

As KokuRyu says, he posted the pictures on the internet. I remember this event being in the news at the time of the arrest; I don't think the identities of the girl or the person who tipped off the authorities were ever released. I also found his blog to be incredibly creepy. I wish I could scrub my eyes out now.
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What a disgusting, creepy story of a true wolf in sheep's clothing...who's been elected head sheep. From one of the blog comments:

I feel very sad that this happened. I served on the same Sexual Assault Student Advocate team as he did, and was also involved with the Women’s Studies program at the University. I had no idea at the time that this was happening, but I suppose that he was so deceptive that no one could have known. I mean come on - he was even the president of the organization.

Given that many sexual predators were themselves actual victims of sexual abuse, I wonder how common it is for perpetrators or future perpetrators to be involved directly in victim advocacy and counseling.
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Response by poster: Looks like there are two answers here: That he posted the pictures on the internet, and that he showed them to a third patry who narcked him off. I don't beleive that he showed them on the internet, if he did that surely would have been mentionied in the news/brought up at trial.
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The comments in this blog post (unverifiable hearsay) suggest that his computer was being searched for evidence of child pornography, and evidence of his own crime was discovered in the process.
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