Might have been when Bill the Cat ran off to join the cult
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Looking for the Bloom County strip in which Opus says "I have utter faith in the 'horse sense' of the masses; then, when he hears what they think, "Those stupid horse-brained masses!"

Presumably, either the '84 or '88 Presidential election campaign. I know there's an online archive of the strip, so even the approximate date would help.

This was in one of the old collections. I just don't have it handy, and need the exact wording.
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Response by poster: Actually, I've since remembered that it was the "Opus gets a nose job" storyline. This was collected in "Bloom County Babylon," but I don't have it handy.
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Best answer: This was collected in "Bloom County Babylon," but I don't have it handy.

I do (bolding is original):
MILO: The national phone-in poll regarding Opus' new nose is over. Let's go to the computer room for the results...

OPUS: I have total faith in the intelligence and common "horse sense" of the noble masses...

OLIVER: Ahem. The results* are as follows...

[Text at bottom: * The margin of error is plus or minus 84 percentage points.]

OLIVER: 1% voted for the new nose. 15% voted for the old, "classic" nose... and 84% voted for immediately replacing this comic strip with "Prince Valiant". Those latter votes are disqualified.

MILO: [hauling Opus off to surgery] The masses have spoken.

OPUS: Those stupid horse-brained masses!!
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Response by poster: Fantastic! Any way to tell the approximate date?
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Well it sounds like to was sometime around the "New Coke/Coke Classic" debacle, if that helps...
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There are no dates on the strips in the book, other than the copyright date. Judging from the appearance of Halley's-Comet-related strips a few pages before the strip in question, I would guess late 1985 or early 1986, but I'm afraid I can't be more precise than that.
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Response by poster: Further research has revealed it was November 19, 1985.

Thanks, all.
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