Laptop mouse won't left-click
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Once in a while my laptop mousepad will stop responding to left-clicks. It has always happened when I was in the middle of typing something so I think it has to do with keys I hit unintentionally. Does anyone know what key combination would cause that or, more importantly, what combination will undo it?

The keyboard will still type and the mouse will still right-click. When I move my finger on the mousepad, it highlights whatever's on the page so the left-click is engaged.

It's only happened in Firefox and Microsoft Word, although I suspect if I typed a lot in any other program, it would eventually happen there, too.

Restarting the computer makes the issue go away.

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What kind of laptop and what O/S are you running? How old is the laptop? Have you ever hooked up a USB mouse to the laptop and had the same thing happen (assuming you're talking about the touchpad on the laptop itself)?
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Response by poster: I have a Gateway M460 from 2005 running Windows XP. I've only used a USB mouse a few times with this computer and did not have the problem then. However, I only used the USB mouse during the first couple of months I had the computer and have not used it since.

I am talking about the touchpad on the laptop; I couldn't think of that word- thanks!
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I get this occasionally with both my laptop's mousepad and a regular mouse. It seems to be caused by the the CTRL or SHIFT key sticking. To resolve it I just firmly tap each CTRL and SHIFT key on the laptop (because I don't know which one causes it) and then left click again and the selection mode is cleared.
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Do you have MouseKeys enabled in Accessibility Options (assuming it's XP -- Vista no doubt has something similar but it may be in a different place, maybe Ease of Access?). If so, and you have accidentally hit the 0 key on your numeric keypad, which functions as a "mouse button lock," this could be the problem.
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This happens to me too. New Dell laptop. I find that if I just right click a couple of times it stops. It is annoying to no end. I hope someone knows the answer.
However, I think that you can get it to stop without restarting your machine.
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I've had this happen, but only in Excel. It's a bitch because you can't save the file and can't un-left-click i.e., everything continues to get highlighted even when I'm scrolling without holding the mouse button. Ctrl-alt-delete and killing Excel works. I have never rebooted the machine for this issue. (elderly Toshiba, WinXP, MouseKeys NOT enabled.)
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