Recipes for smoked whitefish
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I have about 3 pounds of smoked (unspecified) whitefish. I am an intermediate in the kitchen. What are your favorite recipes?
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Best answer: Holy hell. What time should I be there? I'll bring the bagels!

I'd probably whip up a big batch of something like this, eat myself into a blissful stupor (OK maybe I'd share, but only with fellow devotees of the divine salty smoky fishy), freeze the rest, and do it all over again until it was gone. Which wouldn't take very long.
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or just plain on a cracker
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Best answer: Make bacalao! (Spanish type) Or bacalhau! (Portuguese version)

Salt cod is specified, but you can pretend you know that that's what yours is. If it's edible as-is, it's probably not salt cod, and I'd skip the soaking/boiling step of the Portuguese recipes. I've had the Portuguese version and it's delicious.
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Best answer: I think Carr's rosemary crackers and scallion cream cheese really bring out the flavor. Very tasty!
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Best answer: Whiz it in the food processor with lemon, dill and cream cheese to make a mousse. Heaven.
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eat with a good stinky cheese and crackers.
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or just plain on a cracker

Skip the cracker; just pick off chunks and eat.

Oh..and mail me some. Yum!
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Dunno how it would taste since it's already been smoked but how about dip in a beer batter, deep fry, and voila! Fish n chips. Well, minus the chips. Go to McD's or something for those.
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Best answer: Chowder

Fish Pie

And be sure to save some so you can a special Easter Sunday Kedgeree breakfast.
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Blitz in a food processor with cream cheese, horseradish, lemon juice and lots of black pepper to make a pate.
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FWIW, it should freeze just fine.

But yeah, it's good on everything...
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Cullen skink

and this recipe for Smoked Haddock with Spinach, Poached Egg and Cheese Sauce is very, very tasty.

If it isn't haddock, but is a firm-ish fleshed fish, you'll be fine with either of these recipes.
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Best answer: chunk it up on top of a bagel and/or bialy
add any or all of the following:
  • cream cheese
  • tomatos
  • red onion
  • cucumbers
wash down with coffee and/or mimosa

repeat until all gone
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Smoked fish is also very good in a strata.
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Response by poster: These recipes look great! I may have to go buy more to try them all!
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