Where's my $0.01?
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This is a waste of a question, but I can't get Amazon Mechanical Turk to work.

To accept a HIT, it says you have to click 'Accept HIT'. I'm logged in and I can't see any link that says that. What do I do?
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Have you done a hit before?
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Not every task is available to the general public. Some require little pre-tests to prove you have the needed qualifications, and so will show up in the list of tasks, but won't be available to accept.

Which task are you trying to accept?

I see an accept button for this task, do you?
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First you need to "View a HIT in this group" on the available HITs page.
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Make sure you click the little box that says "only show tasks you are qualified for". Then, "view" the HIT. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the button that should be there, "accept this HIT".
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