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I've noticed that most newspaper comic pages are horrendous. What would it take to publish my favorite web / underground comics in a newspaper-like format, and distribute it across my metro area of choice?
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Money (for syndication). Marketing savvy (if you're not just going to give these away).
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You'd have to pay the artists or otherwise syndicate or get people to give you the comics for free.
You'd have to sell advertising or charge subscriptions to otherwise pay for printing (cheap, but not that cheap) to otherwise pay for and distribute it.

I could see it happening with the rise of web comics now, though. PVP, at the very least, is free to publish.
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look and see if yr local urban area, has a city paper, i know baltimore and dc both do.
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Don't forget, you will also need to arrange to get print-ready artwork from the artists you want to publish.
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How big is your format? You want to kick down some samples?
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Let me know if you get this started. I'm currently selling a strip to a local newsweekly, but am very interested in syndication.
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