Seeking multiple countdown timer solution
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I'm looking for an online, Windows or Linux application that lets me easily run multiple (say 10 or so) countdown timers with a label or note for each timer and a chime when each timer expires.

For example, I might need to set 3 countdown timers:
- 6 minutes --> "turn cookie sheet"
- 47 minutes --> "get clothes out of dryer"
- 4:30 hours --> "turn on dishwasher"

Keys are ease of use and preferably free. I don't need this $5/month badly and I don't feel like scripting something with bash and cron. I could be putting in dozens of short countdowns per day, so creation needs to be very easy and show all running timers at once.

This thread is related but the sites there neither run multiple timers or have a "what is this timer for?" label.
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Seems to me like this wouldn't be very hard to do with Javascript.
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There seem to be a few PC based multi-timers. One of them must be close.

e.g. , Egg Timer

cnet downloads are reliably uninfected. It's a safe place to find shareware, freeware, trialware.
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Better ones :

Here and here.
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I'd consider rolling my own in Javascript in the same class as rolling my own with bash and cron.

Egg Timer: only one timer, PITA to setup timer

Timer 12: demo says it is expired on the first run after I installed it.

Timer: possible contendor, but looks to be overkill. I'd prefer a simple list of all my running timers rather than a super tweakable, drag-and-dropable panorama of timer windows. Also, doesn't seem to support arbitrary time lengths. You either specify end time or use preset increments (5 min, 15 min, etc.). PITA to get it to chime.
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This yahoo widget seems to be close (I don't see a countdown feature mentioned). The reviews are mixed.
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Multiple instances of a widget, yes. I just did this (OSX, sorry) to prove it worked, and it's perfect. I assume the Yahoo or Google widgets would also work.
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I think what you are looking for is Alarm Clock by Tarry91

- Portable free app.
- set unlimited number of timers
- easy to use interface.
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I'm using Swizz Tool for exactly that purpose, having tried and uninstalled several options first.
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Alarm Clock by Tarry91 might be the winner. The UI is, I think, fairly clunky but it has all the features I need while not being overly user hostile.
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