Open Calendar application?
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Hey guys, do you know any good online public calendar applications that are editable by everyone?

I am working with my companies community service organization to set up an online calendar with all of our upcoming community service events. I was hoping I could use Google Calendar but it looks like that will be tougher than I'd hoped. Primarily, I just want an open calendar where anyone who knows the address ( can view the calendar, and add events. I'd like the additions to be moderated though, so the moderator would get an email saying "User wants to add xxxx event on xxxx, the summary is xxxxx". Then the moderator can just click Yes and the event would be added to the calendar. I want the calendar to be accessible by anyone without logging in, so the only person with a username would be the moderator. The goal is for us to put up both the official company events, but also for other volunteers to put their own personal projects on there in case someone else wants to join them.

What do you suggest?
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You can set up a Drupal system that would work like this.

WARNING: Any system where Joe Anonymous can post events will be hammered by spammers.
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I really like Google calendars, personally. A couple of social groups and organizations I know of use them, and integrate them into their websites.
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I share Google Calendars with family and friends.

This link takes you to the Help page.
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This link is all about privacy and security.
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If you can't find a free, online calendar that you like, I recommend CalendarScript. You have to have an existing webpage, and it's not free* (and not particularly cheap), but it's a great calendar with exactly the functionality you are looking for.

* It's free to install and evaluate, though.
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