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Work just gave me a 19-inch widescreen monitor (1440x900 resolution), which I promptly tilted into portrait mode. What are some software/settings hacks that will allow me to make the most of my setup? I'm running Windows 2000 (yeah, I know) in "Classic" view, Firefox, Outlook, Acrobat Professional v8. If I do get a second companion monitor, it will probably be an older 15-inch model that doesn't tilt.
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Um, not a lot to say, Windows will run just about the same in a 900x1440 screen as a 1440x900 screen. If you find the task bar too narrow you can drag it to be two rows high.

Unfortunately Windows 2000 doesn't support ClearType, but on Vista and XP the subpixel rendering actually looks pretty good with a monitor rotated 90 degrees. Which is insane since it's all wrong, but it still makes things more readable.
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I use two monitors at work, one landscape and one portrait. Windows (XP) copes surprisingly well, so long as I make the tops line up - if I line them up along the bottom then popups sometimes appear (partially) offscreen... Didn't have to do anything special, and I find it pretty darn useful actually.
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If you do get the second monitor, I highly recommend getting UltraMon. It makes setting up your taskbars, resolution settings, and even wallpapers super-easy.
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