Buying Old Billboards
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I want to purchase several years of Billboard magazines, the late 1970s and all of the 1980s. Three years ago I located a company online that was selling microfiche but an extensive search of the web with google didn't turn them up. I plan on doing enough work with the material that I don't want to make a trip to the library or pay for Billboard's online service (which last time I checked into it didn't go back far enough). Any sources for microfiche or maybe CD-ROMs?
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You could ask the library where they get their microforms from.
(Do you have a microfiche reader? If so, why?)
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I have a microfiche reader from a friend who used to repair electronics. Parts lists used to come on fiche and sometimes he needed the reader in order to look up parts. The web and CD-ROMs have ended that need, so I have it now. There's only one or two libraries in my area with Billboard and they're not exactly convenient.
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If you need charts, there's many Billboard books availible.
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I have all the Joel Whitburn books and then some. There are several charts in the Billboard books, such as early mtv playlists and KROQ and other large stations as well (not always, but they're in there from time to time) as well as articles on bands that can't be found elsewhere.

Trust me, I have plenty of reasons for wanting the magazines themselves, and have examined most of the alternatives.
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inthe80's, I believe if you're willing to make a sojurn out to the library that has the fiches that there's a contact phone number and address for the publsher of the fiche at the beginning, end, or lower right hand corner depending on fiche type (roll or plate).

However, it's been years since I worked in a library research department and your memory gets hazy when you're old and decrepit like I am now that I'm turning 25.
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The iTunes Music Store has a gigantic chunk of the Billboard top 100 dating back to 1946, if it's charts you're after. Not canonical , for example as of this writing they have #s 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9 for 1981. Might be of some use to you....
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SpecialK: thank you, that probably is the most useful piece of information I've received.

Everyone else:
I already have most of the various Billboard charts, and all the Hot 100 song recordings to go with them. I'm planning on researching the acts and songs themselves, as well as the sporadic charts that aren't summed up anywhere else. Chart info I have in droves, and is not what I'm looking for in particular.
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