Are there power outlets on International United Airlines flights?
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Are there power outlets on International United Airlines flights? My mother is wanting to be able to charge her laptop on a plane ride to Bejing, and wants to know if she is able to either plug her laptop in on the flight, or bring a cigarette lighter power inverter in order to charge it. Does anyone have any input on this that I can tell her?
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SeatGuru to the rescue!
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Best answer: UAL has power ports in first and business classes, but not economy. She would need a special "airline adapter" aka "empower adapter" -- neither a cigarette adapter or standard AC adapter would work on UAL's planes.
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I used to travel a LOT on United Airlines. While its true that some of their fleet is equipped with power outlets, i'd say its about a 50/50 shot if the outlet actually works, or doesnt have gum stuffed in it or something. YMMV, but dont count on power working if your seat is equipped.
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I once found a standard 120V AC power outlet behind a panel right by the emergency exit door while sitting in the exit row of a UA 747-400 while flying to Hong Kong. Kept me entertained with Futurama episodes on my iBook G3 (this was a long time ago) through the flight.
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Seconding blue mustard -- no power ports in economy on any United planes, and the ones that do exist in first/business require an airline adapter (easily obtained).
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Go to -- you need to know the aircraft type and the class of service. It has very good and detailed information about the seats, power ports, etc.
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Response by poster: Okay. Thanks for your help. She's just worried about boredom throughout the flight, but she doesn't want to have to buy an adapter. I'll just tell her to bring a book in her carry on or something to that effect.
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