Can I make deposits to a CIBC account at any Canadian bank?
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CanadianBanksFilter: This may seem like a bit of a dumb question, but can I deposit my money at ANY bank? I've got a CIBC account, but the closest CIBC is like an hour's walk away, and I don't have a car. Could I deposit stuff at, say, the Royal Bank?
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unless it's cash, why don't you MAIL it? Then again, you have funny money up there anyway, so...
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No. You cannot. You must deposit funds where you have an account open that the funds can go into. Why would RBC provide a service for CIBC customers? Why not open a RBC account?
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You can't, no, but you can use a CIBC ATM.

They have a link to a locator on the right side of their home page.
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You can withdraw from any banks ATM (for a price - I think its like $2 bucks per withdraw now from every ATM but your own), but you can't deposit. I would say you should close your CIBC account and move everything to the closest bank. They are all competetive, and have similar rates for withdrawing money etc.

Uhh, and I wouldn't mail money (cheques or otherwise). As a former bank employee, this can cause nothing but hassles.
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My sister used to mail cheques from Ottawa to her Credit Union in Winnipeg without a problem. Check with your branch.
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nope, you can't deposit at a different bank

Depending on how you're getting the money though, couldn't you have them direct deposit, or e-mail it?
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You may be able to deposit at ATMs marked "Amicus", as this is CIBC-related bank; however, as I recall, most of the Amicus ATMs (most often found in 7-11 stores) are withdrawl only . CIBC customers used to be able to use the President's Choice machines without an extra fee as well, but I think that was only when PC was new and piggy-backing on CIBC.
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There are President's Choice machines now? Used to be that I would just use CIBC, unless I was in Loblaws. Great banking service though (no fees, high interest).
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Well yeah, JB, there are PC machines -- in Loblaws! I've yet to see one elsewhere. Sorry if that was unclear.
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