Where can I find International Urban Planning Jobs?
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Where can I find International Urban Planning Jobs?

Hi there,

I have recently finished my master's in urban planning and am looking for work. Not really a good time for the development industry but there has to be something out there.

I would like to work overseas (I am currently in Canada). New Zealand or Australia would be potential stops but I am interested in Southeast Asia or India. Basically I wouldn't rule out anywhere but North America as I am looking for different perspectives in the planning field.

So I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about where I should start looking. I've tried big engineering firms, Allen and York, Aecom, gone through respective countries institute of planners websites etc

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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What kind of planning work? It's a pretty broad field so knowing your specialization might help. I know EDAW does a lot of international work. Don't know if they're hiring but I have a planner friend who works there are gets sent internationally a lot. If not placed internationally, they might give you a job in a stateside office and send you on overseas assignments - is that out of the question?
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What about the military? I know a guy with a masters in urban planning and he's an Army officer.
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Oh wait, I just saw that you looked at AEcom, which I guess owns EDAW now. Also, do you speak any foreign languages?
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Response by poster: Sadely, no foreign languages. I have a conversational knowledge of spanish but differently not passable for working purposes.

As for specialization, my master's focused on waterfront regeneration but not holding out for a specific regeneration job.

I am not really interested in military planning but thanks for the suggestion.
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