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Help me find a good indoor day-trip from the Los Angeles area for this weekend.

My lady and I were planning on taking a day trip down to the San Diego Wildlife Park this weekend. Unfortunately, it looks like it's going to be raining on Friday and Saturday (the days that we were planning on going). We do not want to spend the day out in the rain, even if it is wussy California rain. I was hoping that the Hivemind could give me some suggestions for some nice places within the same two hour drive radius of Los Angeles that we could visit whilst still staying indoors.
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Long Beach Aquarium -- if you're an aquarium geek, it's one of the best (not as good as Monterey, but close.)

Ikea -- Go down to the one in Carson, then hit the ginormous Mitsuwa Marketplace for lunch. If you've never been, it's amazing, lots of stalls selling all kinds of food, plus a faux pagoda to eat in.

Huntington Gardens/Museum in San Marino -- the galleries are worth a visit by themselves, and you can go outside when the rain lets up. The new Chinese garden is spectacular, and when it's foggy, it's surreal (in a good way).

Disneyland -- nothing keeps Easter-weekend visitors away like rain.

I'm sure there's more...
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actually, i think the museum of jurassic technology is required visiting for any angelino who has too much free time. one of my favorite conceptual art creations of all time.
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