I want to make dark stains on my marble bathroom counter!
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What can I use to intentionally stain a dark cultured marble countertop?

I have seen plenty of advice on how to clean stains from marble countertops. Well, what if I'd rather just stain it a little bit more? I have a mediocre house, several kids, and soap stains, or lightened areas, on the soap shelves of my sinks. Why did they make soap shelves on marble sinks anyway? This is like doctors that give out lollipops. I put out soap dishes, but the soap ends up there anyway.

So what stains marble? And what color is the stain? You guys are so great!
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Coffee works - I saw it on one of those fix-em-up shows on HGTV.
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Hi. I work in the architectural salvage/recycled building material industry. I'm sorry that I don't have a really good answer (I was thinking scuff the surface + oil stain + epoxy/resin clearcoat), but I wanted to point out that there are lots of places where you can get "like new" cultured marble tops for...cheap. Our store is a non-profit, and right now I've got several between $15 and $40...and honestly I'm one of the more expensive stores for "used" sinks. We're a Habitat for Humanity store, if you want any help finding one local to you, shoot me an email and I'll help ya out.

By "used" I mean "I don't sell if it it's not perfect".
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Black tea?
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This tells you what stains marble and how to get rid of them. Just use it as a guide to create your stains.
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