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I came late to sci-fi. And even when I started getting into it, Star Trek seemed so sprawling and deep, I didn't know even know where to begin. But now that the new movie's out and people I love and respect say things to me like, "You know how in Star Trek The Next Generation ..." well, I'd like to find out what I've been missing. Given that I have a full-time job and a lovely SO and don't want to jeopardize either, what's my point of entry? And the itinerary/order of operations thereafter?
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Best answer: This previous AskMe is what you're looking for.
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Response by poster: Thank you. Sorry!
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I was going to recommend doing what I did, but seeing as how you have a full-time job (as do I) and a lovely SO (got me there!), I'd feel silly suggesting that you watch every episode of every ST series. That there would be a LOT of time spent, well or otherwise.
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That previous AskMe mostly addresses original series stuff, based on the new movie. You sound like you might be interested in a deeper, more time consuming indoctrination into the series. I think TNG is a lot better than the original series, so hopefully someone can chime in with some specific episode/movie suggestions along those lines. Talk to your SO and get them on board with the idea, sign up for Netflix, then start doing a weekly date night, Star Trek-watching, eating take out Chinese food or something extravaganza. Keep it up until you're either hooked, or have had your fill.

Man, that sounds like fun.
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Wikipedia turns out to be a really good resource for this kind of thing. It's also one of the best resources for Star Wars, and for anime. And BSG. You can pick up a pretty good grounding in the lore of one of these areas of fandom with a couple of hours of reading.
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In my opinion, you do not have to watch Star Trek in any particular order. So if you have cable, get watching. It's on many times a day. My only suggestion is to pick one series and stick to it, as it may be confusing to learn a whole new cast of characters. Really.. you should start with TNG. I may be biased (bc it's what I watched the most of) but if you like it you are likely to enjoy both DS9 and Voyager.
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If you're interested in the Star Trek that had the greatest cultural impact--from having a space shuttle named after it to introducing the first interracial kiss on TV, the classic catchphrases and the trio of Kirk, Spock and McCoy--you'll want the original series, a milestone in American television writing. Patrick Stewart's Shakesperaean charm aside, the later stories are a little less essential.
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I highly recommend DS9 from start-to-finish, minus Ferengi-related episodes. It's regular for the first three seasons but once they establish a very cool enemy in the fourth, it's really kick-ass.

Also listen to this comment from the other thread.
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Personally, I would just watch Star Trek: The Next Generation (ST:TNG) in any particular order, depending on whether you have Tivo or NetFlix or none of the above. Order doesn't matter, because while there are some linear timeline aspects (some people die when they didn't want to be on the show any more), not much changes other than Frakes gaining and losing weight, Whoopi and the Borg showing up at some point, and the number of Wesley Crusher episodes decreasing over time as the writers realised he was kind of an annoying character. (Side Note: Poor Wil Wheaton. Once you're sufficiently indoctrinated, his episode summaries are great, by the way.)

I don't find the Original Series particularly watch-able, though historically it broke down certain barriers and so on. It just seems a little dated now. The later series' (DS9, Enterprise, Voyager...) were OK, but ultimately they had to compete with a much stronger Sci-Fi line-up (ST:TNG was more or less the only game in town at one point, whereas later series' had to compete with Firefly and similar), and had less star quality. The truth is casting Patrick Stewart as the captain and Brent Spiner as Data were strokes of genius that make the series watch-able despite frequently contrived plots and lax writing (e.g., the n-th episode with time travel, or the episode where Q turns the crew into the cast of Robin Hood). Patrick Stewart especially is totally far too talented to be playing such a ridiculous role, but he seems to get a kick out of the ridiculous.
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TOS is "classic" but in the opinion of someone (me) who only got into ST in the 90's... only a fraction of the episodes stand the test of time. :)
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I wish I could favorite pbh's excellent comment a hundred times. I got into Star Trek as a kid, coming in on my dad and uncle watching TNG. It was great then, and I saw a rerun just last year and it's great now. When my dad tried to get me to watch TOS, I was unenthralled and even as a kid thought it looked "old". If you're learning about Star Trek for the movie, that other thread is your best bet, but if you really want to love Star Trek, I suggest any of TNG as a starting point.

(pbh, I knew that was what that link was going to be. That bit cracks me up every time I watch it.)
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If you have an iPod or other portable video device, and a daily commute, knock out the series that way. I've devoured anime series on my daily trip into and out of NYC, and a co-worker has watched every single episode of Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis this way.
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Well since the movie coming out is based on the original series, I'd start with that one.

Talk to your SO and get them on board with the idea, sign up for Netflix, then start doing a weekly date night, Star Trek-watching, eating take out Chinese food or something extravaganza. Keep it up until you're either hooked, or have had your fill.

This is actually really fun. We're doing that with the X-Files now - that series is not nearly as good as I remember it being back in the 90s, but it's still lotsa fun to watch together, and the once a week approach doesn't take too much time.

Another reason to start with the original series is that cheesier is sometimes more fun to watch. You can actually see the bridge set as plastic sheeting and plywood, see where Spock's ears were attached, etc. It just lends itself to all sorts of semi-witty comments and family bonding experiences.
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My entry point to Trek was Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, and I am surprised to see that no one has mentioned it. Kirk et al time-travel to (at the time, modern) San Francisco to save the whales. It's light, has some lines that get quoted a lot (at least in my family), and you can watch it without knowing much about the Trek universe because the exposition comes easily -- pretty much everything in mid-eighties SF is compared/contrasted with the future by our bewildered heroes. And did I mention that it's funny?

(Sure, it's a direct sequel to the third movie, which was itself a direct sequel to the second, and there are a couple of plot threads tied into that -- like why they're not on the Enterprise -- but you don't actually need to have watched Star Trek III. I recommend that you don't.)

And then I watched all of TNG. My favorite TNG episode is "Darmok," but I am a giant language geek and your mileage may vary. Nthing the other comments that you don't need to watch it in a particular order.
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I recommend "Enterprise" with Scott Bacula.
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Since my screen name is the name of an amazing (we're talking best of TV, Shakespeare-trained actors and well-written plots, IMO), dynamic character in Deep Space Nine, I have to recommend starting DS9. I started with it some years ago, just randomly in the middle somewhere, liked what I saw and the characters, and developed my knowledge from there. TNG is great, too--it's more about exploring, the consequences involvement causes (Picard is all about the Prime Directive, and not interfering in the affairs of home planets). TNG is much more "ship goes here, the following events happen, etc.," while DS9 is quite different.

Deep Space Nine is a space station near a planet, Bajor, recovering from years of occupation and war by another world, and the Federation comes in to help this planet with reconstruction. But it's much more layered, because the captain here, Sisko, *has* to stay and deal with consequences (unlike Picard), and he must be a little more flexible than "that's what the Prime Directive says and I'm sticking to it."

The last several seasons, with the war, have some *spectacular* episodes: "In the Pale Moonlight," "Waltz," "When It Rains," "In Inferno's Light," "The Dogs of War."

The great thing about sci-fi in general is that it allows us to explore deeply-rooted conflicts in a different setting, thereby allowing us, the viewers, to have more objectivity on the issue. Not to mention how cool technology could be! (I still maintain that modern-day cellphones are copies of the first communicators on TOS.)
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I agree that you really don't need to watch ST:TNG in any particular order EXCEPT for the series finale "All Good Things...". It was one of the best finales I've watched on TV and you would probably enjoy it more having watched enough episodes to be familiar with the characters.
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Oh yeah, the "Dukat" character on DS9 is pretty dark but also hilarious.
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I risk nerd-rage here, but.... I have never liked Star Trek much, especially TNG, because the characters seemed cardboard and the plots overly formulaic, with so many episodes ending deus ex machina (how many times can you reconfigure the phase-matter doohickeys to magically solve the entire hour-long problem, exactly?)

But Wrath of Khan was a very good film, and I do find DS9 watchable, since the episodes I have seen are much deeper, darker and more layered than what I associate with the Star Trek brand. So I'm not sure it's "really" Star Trek. But it's good.
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Oh! Rokusan, that reminds me of this (possibly NSFW due to mild swearing) excellent song by Voltaire that you also need to hear to get a handle on pretty much the entire franchise.
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For depth of plot, humour and fantastic story-arcs, I would definitely suggest DS9. OS and TNG are pretty dated. I'm surprised only one person has mentioned Enterprise. It didn't get great reviews and was axed pretty early, but I would rate it as one of the better series. Plus, it's a prequel, so you get to see what happened before OS.
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Do not watch the ST:TNG series finale ("All Good Things") without having watched the series pilot ("Encounter at Farpoint"). They are linked, and the finale won't have as much resonance if you haven't watched the pilot.

Someone should put together a list of 5 or 6 essential eps from each season of the show.
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Also: Try to watch the Next Generation 2-parter "Unification" before seeing the new movie. It features Picard and crew helping Spock in a secret diplomatic mission to the Romulans. Looks relevant to the plot of the movie.
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Don't be afraid to jump into any series anywhere along the line. Yes, there are story arcs that make better sense when you know the backstory, etc, but the vast majority of episodes - whether you're watching TNG, DS9, Voyager, whatever - are self-contained stories, and you'll pick things up pretty quickly. It's not BSG.

On top of that, Star Trek (in my opinion) has a very high re-watch value compared to other shows in the genre, so starting in the middle and later going back to the start to watch them all again won't feel like a waste of time.
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