Other good gaming laptops under $1000?
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Under $1000 laptop: I have my eye on a particular model; am I missing any others in my research?

I'm finally replacing a Dell desktop that is truly too slow, noisy, etc. I've been doing the research and I like this model: MSI GX620-001US.

Things I like about it / criteria:
  • It's within my $1000 budget
  • Decent graphics card so I can use it as a gaming system
  • Has a fairly trim/thin body
  • Plain/not overly colorful or curvy body. I love those Lenovo laptops for the same reason; they're minimalist and not flashy. (I don't think Lenovo has gaming capable lappies, though, at least not in my price range.)
  • Decent reputation/reviews overall. Second-best rating on NewEgg.
  • 15.4" screen size is perfect for me. I need to fit it side-by-side on a table at home that holds a big monitor (I'll be using both displays at once with VGA out) as well as have enough useable screen space for doing stuff like Ableton Live on the go.
I've looked at Dells. They're thicker and more expensive than the MSI on a specs basis. Buuut... they do have that nice LED backlighting.

I took a serious look at Apple stuff. That aluminum unibody is hot. But paying an extra $150 for a even refurb 13" screen model, and getting used to new UI and programs (I'm used to Windows)... meh.

Are there any stores and/or particular laptop models that I'm overlooking that fit my criteria?

I've heard Sager notebooks can be good, I and found I could get a $900 model that has a bigger battery but slower processor compared to the MSI. But there aren't a ton of reviews out there on Sagers, so that plus the slower CPU makes me want to pass.
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We had some Sagers at work. The build quality wasn't that great and they overheated. They do get you a lot of performance for the money, though.
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Personally, the laptop you linked to would drive me crazy as it's a 15.4" screen but only 1280x800 resolution.
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I'd get the Apple. Remember you can run Windows on them natively using Boot Camp, Parallels, VM ware Fusion etc. With Windows installed on your Mac, you can take your time learning your new UI and OS (you will likely love them coming from Windows, especially if you have a good lesson in switching from someone with experience).
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I see that the laptop you linked to costs over $900 all together. I found a 15" Macbook for $799 last Fall through the Apple Refurb store. So if you aren't in a hurry to purchase, you might want to wait for a better deal to show up on their site.
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Dells these days are just hideous computers. Cheap parts that WILL break, and then you have to deal with The Worst Customer Service In The World.

If you like Windows, I love my Toshiba Satellite. Otherwise, much as I am not a Mac fan and think they are overpriced, they do make a solid product. Pay the extra for a Macbook, rather than shelling out for a Dell or HP that will just break in a year anyway.
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Response by poster: homuncula, thanks. I notice you can add a 512MB NVIDIA GeForce G 105M card to it for $105, and it's still cheaper than the MSI. I will definitely look into this model.
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I like Thinkpads too, though I'm partial to ASUS's offerings as well.

NewEgg listing

I have an ASUS G1S that I bought about 2 years ago and it runs fine and plays my games still.
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Response by poster: liquoredonlife, thanks. The ASUS F81Se-X1 looks promising.
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