x-files alert: Looking for a track featuring a monotone narrator explaining the entire X-Files conspiracy mythology.
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Does anyone know of a spoken word explanation track that explains the entire mythology of the X-Files?

Years and years ago, back when I had Napster and it was the cool thing, I downloaded this song on a whim. It may have been called "tenthirteen" or "xfiles". I think it was actually narrated by the creator, and at the time I was listening to Propellerheads and other bands on the official soundtrack (as well as a lot of the late 90's alt. genre, which I have sense lost track of). It's in a completely monotone voice, and basically covers anything from the long plot of the movie regarding the alien hybrids, the black oil, and everything in between--the entire conspiracy mythology. Thanks in advance for any help.
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This was a hidden track at the 10:13 mark on the last track of the X Files film soundtrack.
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Best answer: At 10:13 in on the last track of the movie soundtrack, Chris Carter narrates the mythology of the X-Files.
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Response by poster: Far easier than I expected. Thank you!
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Just to add to the geekery, 10:13 as in October 13th is Chris Carter's birthday as well as being the name of his production company (Ten Thirteen) as well as being a timestamp that shows up all the time in the tv show.
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10/13 is Mulder's birthday, as well.
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hey cool. My step-brother's bithday is 10/13, and he was born on a Friday the 13th. I'll have to remember to mention that to him.
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Here it is.

I believe Imeem is legal based on this
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