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We bought a gigantic jar of sun-dried tomatoes packed in olive oil. What are your favorite recipes that incorporate them?

I only needed a few of them for a burger sauce based on mayonnaise and Dijon mustard, but my parents went and bought a huge jar from Costco. What else could I be doing with the sun-dried tomatoes? I prepare homemade pasta fairly often, and I like to bake focaccia, so any recipes featuring those two would be great. Other than that, my family grills salmon very, very often, makes salads every single night, and vegetarian recipes are great, too!

Bonus points for anything that can be thrown on a gas grill.
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Take some boneless chicken breasts, some sun-dried tomatoes, some kalamata olives, some pepper and salt, and some olive oil. Put one chicken breast and two tablespoons of olive oil on a square of tinfoil, along with however much of the other ingredients you think would be most delicious. Fold the tinfoil around the chicken and crimp the edges a bit so the oil and chicken juice won't leak out. Repeat for each chicken breast. Cook in the oven at 450 for about half an hour. Delicious!

Could work on a gas grill too.
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No bonus points, but a salad of toasted pine nuts, sliced dundried tomatoes, baby spinach, cooled (and cooked) penne, olive oil
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The tomatoes keep for freaking ever, so just having them around to put on sandwiches or eggs or pasta whenever you desire is always a good deal, but here are two simple recipes that come to mind.

Red Pesto:

process, in a food processor:
1 cup sun dried tomatoes in olive oil
3 (packed) cups fresh basil leaves
6 cloves fresh garlic
1/3 cup grated parmesan cheese
1 tsp salt
tiny pinch of nutmeg
more olive oil as needed to attain desired consistency

Use on pasta, sandwiches, bruschetta, chicken, old boots...

Open-faced Garrett Sandwich (named in honor of my roommate)

1/2-inch thick slice of crusty sourdough bread
3 tbsp chevre or other fresh goat cheese
4-5 sun-dried tomatoes, cut into thin strips (1/8 inch)
1 tbsp sunflower seeds
1 small handfull of arugula (just enough to top the sandwich)
1 tsp lemon juice
salt & pepper to taste
(optional: fried egg)

spread the goat cheese on the bread, then evenly distribute the strips of tomato and the sunflower seeds on top. toast under broiler or in toaster oven until cheese becomes melty and bread becomes toasty. top with arugula, lemon juice, and drizzle a little oil from the sun dried tomatoes, egg, and salt & pepper. mmmm....
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They are good on pizza. My wife and I like to get one of those pre-made crusts, (like Boboli), and use pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, different cheeses and whatever else comes to mind.
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I've been making this Pan-Seard Cod with Creamy Fennel Ragout for years and it is easy and very tremendously good. I usually up the sundried tomatoes (to maybe 1/3-1/2 cup chopped) and use a bit less bacon. I also tend to cut the cream and chicken broth down by maybe 1/3 so it's a little healthier but the cream/broth ratio stays the same and the sauce doesn't end up watery. Actually, since the ragout is the star, I suspect that you could just leave out the fish, make the creamy fennel, bacon, and sundried tomato ragout and serve it with the grilled salmon. I think the additional smokiness from the grilled salmon would be great with it.
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I am very fond of sun-dried tomatoes in savoury muffins. Very good when they are heated and spread with butter.
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1. Quickly pulse some pine nuts/walnuts/almonds/nut of choice in food processor
2. Quickly pulse handful of sundried tomatoes in food processor
3. Chop roughly/pulse green herb of some description (basil, parsley)
4. Combine with a little oil (if needed, perhaps some of the oil the tomatoes are living in currently?)
5. Rub onto/coat lamb/beef roast and pop into oven and roast!
5a. Stuff under skin of whole chicken, lightly rub with oil & sprinkle with salt and roast.
6. Enjoy your oddly mediterranean meal!

P.s - I just made this up so I take no responsibility for this being maybe not the best thing you've ever tasted... try it and see!
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Chop sun dried tomatoes fine and make a loose paste with roughly equal amounts garlic, and olive oil as a binder. Add some kosher salt and fresh-cracked pepper, and slather over a side of salmon (more better: cut slits in salmon and work into slits.)

Roast on gas grill for 8 to 12 minutes depending on fish. (Lid closed? No particular need to turn.)
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Penne pasta with a cream sauce, green olives and chopped sundried tomatoes is a very nice combination in my opinion. The sweetness of the tomatoes plays very nicely against the olives. Optionally add some chicken breast to make it more substantial as a meal.
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I think I like them best in breads, especially mixed with chopped olives in crusty rolls.
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Here's our favorite orzo salad with feta.
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Please don't throw sun dried tomatoes drenched in oil on the fire as if they were hot dogs. They are completely different. It's even sacrilegious to do this. You make pestos. You make marinara sauces, you toss in stews, you chop and add to salsas, you eat deliciously with a slice of goat's cheese, feta if you can score a goat, drizzle with olive oil, eat with pita bread and hummus, pulverize if you must to create a juice for marinade, tamarind goes well with sun dried tomatoes. Eat them whole, washed with a leaf of basic and a sliver of garlic. Never abuse them with direct fire. Gently eat these gifts. They will gift you in return with pleasure and good health. Enjoy.
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Sun-dried tomatoes are awfully good in a tapanade-like spread. Add sparingly to a standard tapanade for extra flavor and serve it up with some bruschetta.
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Mix some sundried tomatoes in a food processor and add to your chili con carne. It adds body and sweetness to the sauce.
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I know you were looking more for specific 'tried and true' recipes, but recipezaar is a cool recipe website that might provide you with some inspirations. A quick browse bought me to an apparently awesome salmon maridande for BBQing.
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Oh yum! Sun-dried tomatoes are absolutely great on sandwiches, any sandwiches (er, savoury ones, that is). Pop a few on some ham and cheese or your favourite other filling and taste the awesomeness.
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1. Cook pasta (I use bowties). Saute garlic, dried oregano, and dried mint (spearmint) in olive oil for a couple minutes. Add dried tomatoes. Meanwhile, steam asparagus and set it aside. Add chopped artichokes to the saute pan a few minutes before the pasta is done, and add the steamed asparagus shortly thereafter. When the pasta is done, stir it into the saute mix, and top with chopped fresh parsley, salt & pepper, and your choice of parmesan and/or feta cheese. (Feta and dried tomatoes are an excellent combination.)

Try substituting other veggies for the asparagus/artichokes, and other herbs for the oregano/mint/parsley. You can create a thousand different recipes this way.

Go heavy on the veggies and herbs, light on the pasta. Try to get whole-wheat or vegetable-based pasta to keep it nutritious.

2. Add dried tomatoes to scrambled eggs, and throw in some other stuff: herbs, onions, etc. Easier and more nutritious than an omelette.

3. In general, I freely substitute dried tomatoes anytime I'd otherwise use fresh ones. I've never gone wrong with this technique.
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Damn I'm about to get a jar of these now! One idea that came to mind. You could add them to humus?
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Pureed sun dried tomatoes over spanakopita.
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I really like them chopped up and mixed with cream cheese, roasted garlic, and fresh basil.

Grill yourself some flatbreads, spread with the cream cheese, drizzle with olive oil, and you've got a great appetizer.
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Try using them instead of corned beef on veggie reubens - very tasty!
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sautee loads of garlic in loads olive oil

throw in about 4 anchiove filets and 1 small onion chopped in long lengths

sautee till the fillets disintegrate and onions turn clear

slice about 5-6 sun dried tomoatoes into long lengths (julienne?) and throw in

add red pepper flakes and salt and pepper and pine nuts

mix with al dente angel hair pasta and add grated parm to taste

*this take about 7 minutes TOTAL (pasta takes about 3 minutes to cook. cook the sauce the whole 7 minutes)*

might make it right now myself.
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