What address to put on returns for filing taxes for two states?
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Last year I lived and worked in two different states (RI and CA) I worked two jobs in RI and then got another temp job in CA and moved out there in the fall. So I am using TaxCut to file my returns (yes I know its cutting it close) but I am confused when it asks for the "Employee's address" under the W-2 section; what do I put? Do I put my address where I used to live for those jobs back in RI or my current one in CA? I still consider myself a RI resident and will be moving out of CA in two weeks back to New England.
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They ask for the actual address of the place of employment. The company's address. It should be listed on your W2's.
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Are you sure it doesn't say "employer's address"?

FWIW, I've had to file these multi-state returns many, many times and I've always found Turbotax to be the best at dealing with it (and by "best" I mean "gives me the biggest refund").
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You may want to suck it up and go to a tax pro. 2 years ago we had a big move and a handful of w-2 forms, cashing out a 401, pretty big buys - Turbo tax said we owed 5K, HR Block brought that down to under 2K. It cost about $250 but it was better knowing it was done correctly and to not pay the extra 3K.
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It asks for both employers and employees address thats what is throwing me off. I shouldn't owe much money because I made so little last year.
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