Can anyone help me find this shirt?
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Try out your web meta-search skills: can anyone help my good friend find out where to get this Bob Dylan T-Shirt?

So far my searching has led me to determine that Warner Music did a promo for Jenny Lewis' new album, "Acid Tongue" featuring a bunch of youtube videos where people show up with those balloons at her doorstep. So the girl in the shirt is Jenny Lewis, but that's all I got. No luck on the identity of the shirt. If anyone can help me find out where this shirt was made, and (perhaps more interestingly) share how they came to find the answer, I would be greatly appreciative!

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There's a similar design on one of the t-shirts in this "store", which is really a catalog of items offered on eBay. (here's the t-shirt's auction page) It's not a circle, but the lettering appears to be in the same font.
I'm wondering if this isn't a cafepress/etsy remake of an old t-shirt.

Sorry if that isn't the most helpful answer. You could also try simply sending Jenny Lewis or her publicist an email and asking them about it.
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It's a similar font, but not the same. The auction font is more angular, but it does repeat the YL slanted alignment.

Jenny Lewis' shirt could be a screenprinting, and my search of Google Images and Shops turned up nothing like it. You could try contacting Jenny Lewis yourself.
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