Is it possible to have more-than-decent wedding music in the wilds of Northern New Hampshire?
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Marriage in WAY northern New Hampshire (20 miles south of Canadian border - we're talking five hours from Boston.) Family is there, but we live on west coast. Great! Problem: music. We need a GOOD band and DJ. Save us from typical oldies/blues-rock/jazzy/swingy mish-mash. Doesn't have to be a typical wedding band, though it should be a group that can entertain a varied (grandparents, parents, friends, etc.) crowd. Maybe MeFiers from VT, Maine, or NH have suggestions? We don't want to spend a lot of $$$, but all suggestions, as well as creative (non-band) solutions, and off-list contacts, are welcome...
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Why not an iPod and some speakers? It's free (basically) and you can play whatever the hell you want.
posted by tristeza at 9:44 AM on April 7, 2009 [1 favorite] is run by a friend (and DJ) from VT - since you're getting married in a rural area you might want to use the "contact us" form rather than searching for a DJ in your exact county.
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polka band if you have it in your heritage. we had one and loved it. they are cheaper than a dj for some reason.
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Klezmer was my thought. But Polka is a great idea; maybe easier to find up there...
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My brother in law hired Professor Groove and DJ Static from to play his wedding in upstate New York, which is even further from their hometown of Montreal than northern New Hampshire. You should hire them too! Tell them you heard they did a great job at Gene and Mia's wedding.
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Gazpacho is a fun local band, maybe a little hard for your crowd but the Spectras do a nice job of entertaining a varied crowd. A friend of mine hired them for her wedding up in Whitefield, NH and they were great.
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