Does this seem scammy to you?
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Recently, I've had recruiters asking for SS#s to submit my resume for positions. My husband has had the same thing happen, as have some friends. Is this the newest scam on the block? (as always...more inside)

Recently, both my husband and I have gotten phone calls from recruiters who speak heavily accented English that have jobs which sound tailored to our public resumes. The recruiter has then asked for data which I consider ridiculous to give out, including birth date, social security numbers, place of birth, etc. This sounds like identity theft scamming to me.

The company that most recently asked for my SS# was, which has no contact information on their website, and the site is riddled with grammatical and spelling errors.

I think this is a scam being attempted on folks who have publicly posted their resumes on job search boards, as I've heard about it happening to a lot of people with Monster profiles.

Does this sound like a scam to y'all? If so, to which government agency should this activity be reported?
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Yes - Yahoo Hot Jobs specifically warns against it.
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Ugh. Contact the FTC. Not sure what they can do about attempted ID theft, but I can tell you this is a huge issue right now and they should be able to point you in the right direction.
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Best answer: Your instinct is right. It's a scam.
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Response by poster: Update: The recruiter called back, saying it was "urgent" that I give them this information right now so they could schedule an interview. I asked who the client was. They said the client was Verizon. I called Verizon's corporate security team and told them about it, and they've opened an investigation and will be reporting it to the FBI.
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In the meantime, you can always scare them off with John Rambo's SSN: 936-01-1758.
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Response by poster: Heh, there's always Trick Dick's: Richard Nixon: 567-68-0515. ;)

Also, the recruiter from itlogix just called back and said they were a subvendor of Comsys, and that Comsys required the info. I've got a call into Comsys, but no info from them yet.
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In the past 2 months I've received, in the mail

- two chain letters asking me to send $1 to 5 people on the list.
- one "collections" letter for my Verizon account (which is up to date), and for a number that does not match my Verizon account number.

This recession is bring out the worst in people. Be wary.
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