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Looking to replace an old refrigerator - where can I find reliable ratings / reviews online (that I don't need a subscription for)?

I'm basically looking for a free alternative to Consumer Reports, perhaps with a combination of user ratings and expert reviews. I am always a bit leery of purely customer-rated rankings because it's so easy to cheat. Do I need to pay to get good info?
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Nothing is better than CR on appliances like refrigerators, at least as far as I know. Back issues are available in your local library and many if not most libraries will get you access to the online version if you have a library card. They offer access to so many other proprietary resources as well. Libraries seem to be cutting back on books in favor of media centers, but the online database access is huge. Wherever else you look for reviews, check out CR as well. That being said, I still have issues with their reviews. They seem to love Sears Kenmore a bit too much. What gives? On enthusiast items like cameras, stereos and TVs they put too low a value on features of importance to the enthusiast. This can apply to appliances as well. Read the reviews critically and don't just rely on the overall ratings.
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ConsumerSearch is definitely a good place to go. They compile reviews from numerous sources, including Consumer Reports, to produce their recommendations.
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If you're going to buy something as expensive as a refrigerator then a 20$ subscription to Consumer Reports will not kill you. It will more than pay for itself.

Having said that, you can always go to the library.
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$20 (or whatever it is) for a CR subscription isn't much compared to the price of a fridge. My $.02 on CR as one who subscribed for three years until about two years ago: I bought several things based on their recommendations, and so far so good on them, but I began to notice that most of products tested weren't in my stores, that I didn't agree with their rating criteria, and the last straw was getting fed up with the cover to cover left wing propaganda masquerading as "consumer protection" and "environmental considerations". Buying is a crapshoot unfortunately. I say go to a trustworthy store (one that'll stand behind their products), find one that has the features you need/want, buy it, and try not to worry about it. The odds are with you.
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