Firefox remembers ALL!
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When doing a "save as" in Firefox 3.08 on Windows Vista, I'd like to know how to wipe out the list of URLs which appear near the top of the window (and are accessed by clicking the little "down arrow").

I try to do a good job of keeping Firefox secure, by not letting it remember passwords or URL history or what I enter in forms. I set it to "always clear my private data when I close Firefox".

However, when attempting to save an image from a web page via "Save as", I noticed the default save location set as "Desktop", per my instructions.

But, to the right of "Desktop" was a small down arrow, indicating other choices of where to download. See here for a screengrab. When I clicked it, I saw a list of dozens of websites which I had accessed over the past few weeks. No big deal, really, but kind of annoying, and I want to make it stop making note of these URLs, especially since I can't "save" a pic to a website!

I'm sure the solution is something easy that I have overlooked, but, *sigh*, it's been a long long day, and I don't even know how to search for the solution adequately.

BTW, if, when trying to save an image from a page, and I choose one of the saved URLs, I get the error " you can't open this location using the program. Please try a different location.:
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uncheck the little box entitled "remember what I have downloaded" perhaps (tools-options-privacy)
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Response by poster: Already unchecked! Hence my confusion...
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Best answer: I'm pretty sure that's just the standard Vista save-as dialog. Which means that Firefox isn't in charge of its contents; it just says to Windows, "show the user a save-as dialog, and then tell me what he picked." So the controls for turning that off are going to be in Windows's settings somewhere, not Firefox's. Try looking through the Control Panel, and also in Windows Explorer's preferences.

I can't test this myself (since I don't have Vista), but this might work.
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Response by poster: Ooooh, thank you - that sounds like it might do the trick, if I can find the correct setting. I will report back if it works.

Damned Vista!
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Response by poster: SUCCESS! Thank you, equalpants, you are my new favorite person!
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Many of these issues can also be avoided by having a separate guest login, it is easy to set up and prevents embarrassments that may come from them seeing certain file or website names. If your concern is unauthorized users, having them see web sites you have been to is the least of your worries.
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I must ask, OP, what was the setting you changed? I mean, sure, I could do the research to figure it out, but since you've done all the work already... :)
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