What is your favorite sex toy and why?
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My girl and I (a male) are looking to spice up our sex life with more toys. This question is a two parter. First, what toys do you recommend and why? Second, are there any particular brands that we should check out (i.e. is there an Apple in the sex toy business) ?

We are up for anything and both like anal penetration and experimenting.

Already own:

- A generic straight / smooth 8" vibrator
- A generic wired bullet vibrator
- A nice straight glass dildo (9") with bumps
- A strap-on (but the dildo attachment is no good / too plasticky)
- A few other little doodads

What should we add to our arsenal?

Anal beads? More and different vibrators? A curved glass dildo? Cock rings? Let us know!

Please recommend specific brands and models and tell us WHY you like it. We are not terribly concerned about price, and would rather pay for something that is made well and will last, versus some made in China crap that is going to break after a few uses. Recommendations for a good online store to buy them from is appreciated as well -- the only one we really know about is goodvibes.

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Women owned stores are always recommended. Check out Babeland based out of Seattle, and Good Vibrations based out of San Francisco. I've also had good experiences with Xandria.

If I were you, I would explore the sites and see which toys look interesting and then choose from those. E.g. You like anal play, so explore their anal toys sections. You already have some so you have a good base to judge others based on the pictures and descriptions.
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Is this too plasticky? These are great because she can get a vaginal and clitoral orgasm without losing the intimacy of having sex with you rather than a dildo. Don't get the ones included in the Trojan packs and splurge on a Babeland model instead.
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As far as specific items, I (a female) can personally recommend The Cone and SaSi. The Cone looks kind of silly, but once you use it once you will be converted. The standard vibrations are great, but it's the thumping vibrations and the different patterns that make it amazing. SaSi uses technology to "remember" what movements/speeds/vibrations you like and will keep using them.
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The Hitachi Magic Wand is, if not the Apple, perhaps the Kalashnikov of vibrating massagers.
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Check out Fun Factory.
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Adam & Eve is a good place to look (they're having a sale right now, too). I like the Hot Seat Vibrator Sex Toy. Good luck!
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If you want to try out a new strap-on, my boyfriend recently bought us this harness. It comes with different size rings so you can use whichever dildo you prefer as long as it has a base. We've only used it once so far, but it worked well for both of us.

We've also found cock rings to be pretty fun, but we've managed to break two of them so I don't have any good recommendations there.
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A strap-on (but the dildo attachment is no good / too plasticky)

Tantus makes good silicone dildos. I like silicone because it doesn't get sticky and weird like jelly dildos, it holds body heat, and it's easily disinfected. You can throw it in boiling water or stick it in the dishwasher. Stormy Leather makes good strap-on harnesses, among other things. I can't link to either of these from work, but they're easily googleable.

We got a really good vibrator recently but I'm not at home so I can't tell you the brand. It has a "power supply" (battery-powered) and two jacks. It came with a straight attachment and a curved one for prostate or g-spot stimulation. For female use, it's obvious what you can do with two attachments. For male use, one goes in the ass and the other one can be saran-wrapped to the penis. Or, one attachment for you and one for her (just make sure and use condoms so you don't transmit bacteria). If I remember, I'll check the brand and post back. If I don't, feel free to email me. This thing rocks. We bought it in San Francisco - I believe on Castro Street, but I can't recall.

Mr. S Leather and JT's Stockroom are very good sources of bondage/kink equipment. Extreme Restraints has a lot of the same merchandise as Stockroom, so compare prices. Stockroom has a gay (male) section with a good selection of cockrings. If you're in Chicago, check out Leather Sport on Halsted St. It's oriented towards gay men but they have a lot of great toys. Stay away from the "adult bookstores" - most of what they sell is crap.
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Meant to italicize that first line, since it is part of the OP.
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Every item I bought made by Tantus has been well-made and to specifications. They use mostly silicone so nothing smells too plasticy and they are easy to clean. Pretty colors too :)

The three online stores I buy from are:
Extreme Restraints (they send nice coupons, lots of sales, were very nice to me when I messed up an order, reviews tend to be silly)
The Stockroom (large selection, some items may be more expensive, no reviews)
Blowfish (wonderful reviews of different items, less nudity while you're shopping if that bothers you)

If you like anal, why not get a kit of butt plugs? Vibrating ones are especially nice, imo.
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Seconding Good Vibes and Babeland. Also, check out Lelo products.
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It would be great to know where you lived! I 2nd Fun Factory, and try Freddy and Eddy. They are on-line and in So. California. Their store is not cheesy, and there is no pressure. Very low key with high end products. Also, I would frequent the blog Tiny Nibbles by Violet Blue. Good all around information. Have fun!
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I've never used it but I read about the we-vibe a while ago and thought it sounded neat. It's meant for use during intercourse a while ago. Apparently the inventor quit his job at RIM (not quite apple, but still) to make them.
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A feather tickler!
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Regarding online shopping, EdenFantasys has an awesome search system that lets you filter by size, material, special features, and lots of other stuff - and an image-scaling feature that lets you view toys at actual size on your screen. I've never actually bought anything from them myself, but I highly recommend the site for exploratory purposes at the very least.
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Holy cats, you can get the Cone at Walgreen's!
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If there's an "Apple" of vibrators, it's probably Lelo. I have the Iris model; to my deep regret, I haven't yet had the opportunity to use it on a partner, but my personal (male) impression is that it will work very well... it's two vibrators in one, essentially.

One advantage the Lelo has over the Magic Wand (which I also have) is that the Lelo's power source is integrated into the unit - a powerful and long-lasting lithium-ion battery with quick recharge. The Magic Wand, on the other hand, plugs into a wall socket, with a long electrical cable, which can be annoying, entangling, and a little scary. ("You're plugging that into the wall and then into me?" is a common response.)
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Have you ever tried sharing a double-ended dildo? i.e. Have her lay on her back, put one end of the dildo in your butt and then penetrate her vaginally with your penis and anally with the other end of the dildo. Or have her on all-fours (doggie style) and reverse the openings listed. I've done something similar with a male lover (I'm a bi male) and it can be pretty hot.
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It was this review that convinced me to get one.

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On preview:

Death by Ugabooga: my current partner, loves, loves, loves the feeldoe.
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Strong third for the Lelo line, because as it happens, the first thing I thought when I saw their Nea model is "If Apple made a vibe, this would be it."
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The Lelo line really is the best right now. Well made, quite, and long lasting (great silicone)!!! The Gigi is my personal favorite but for the two of you you may enjoy the Bo cock ring
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