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I need a CMS recommendation. I've been asked to find and set up a suitable content management system to be used by software and hardware developers for a project here at work. It needs to have good CVS and bug tracking modules. [mi]

I'm familiar with Xoops, phpnuke, and the like, but don't know what is available module-wise when it comes to bug trackers and CVS.

My ideal system would be php-based (my perl is a bit rusty, but I could probably survive with a perl CMS as long as I didn't need to hack it too much), and allow developers to send private messages, post in forums, upload files, add links, and interface with both CVS and a bug tracker (e.g. bugzilla) though the CMS.
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Drupal has a decent issue tracking module and is very clean (and hence very hackable); the architecture is quite nifty and flexible. You might have to bug the development team to see how they integrate it with CVS, but it's my impression they do.

I've done more with PostNuke than I like to think about, and can't recommend that at all; in fact, I'm really not keen on the 'Nukes in general (which includes PHPNuke, PostNuke, all the Xoops variants, and a bunch of other stuff). The 'Nukes are all particularly weak in file uploading (though they superficially seem to excel -- it all falls apart under use...).
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Check out Seapine Software It's not open source, but it's not that expensive either.

I'm in charge of getting this (or some other bug tracking, change mgmt pkg) implemented here at work, and I have looked at a lot of different approaches, but I think this one is going to suit us best.

If you want to commiserate further, drop me a line.
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lodurr beat me to the punch. I'm happy with drupal, and am scared of the security implications of using Nuke software. I installed one drupal site as a part of a job, then ended up switching a pile of my own sites.

I found Drupal VERY customizable. It seemed a little weird for a very short while, then I got it, hard. After that moment, I could do anything I felt like with the code.
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Sorry to give an unhelpful answer but I saw CMW as "Compound Miter Saw" and was about to tell you about this DeWalt that I like.
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You can always see if any of the solutions on Opensourcecms fits your requirements.
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