Watching Baseball in Western MA?
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Can anyone recommend a good restaurant/sports bar in the Pioneer Valley (Western MA) area to watch tomorrow's Red Sox home opener? Preferably a place with many TVs, good food, and not too too many undergraduate students?
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Champions in dowtown Springfield might fit the bill. It's not too close to any of the city's colleges and the menu prices (while moderate) are probably more than a college student would want to pay.
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Also, Samuel's Tavern by the basketball Hall of Fame is good for a more 'professional' crowd. If you're in Northampton, Paradise City is probably your best bet.
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Seconding Paradise City in Northampton. There's also the Toasted Owl, but I think Paradise City is better.
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Thirding The Paradise City Tavern in Northampton. Nice atmosphere, decent food, good crowd, lots of TVs, including the largest TV in Northampton.
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... if you want the excitement of standing room only, with people yelling and screaming, try The Toasted Owl (less than a block away from PCT). If you want to be seated, have table service, and enjoy decent food and conversation, there's no question you want The PCT.
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Response by poster: PCT and the Toasted Owl strike me as awfully close to the college. Is there usually a large student contingent there?
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No. The students are all concentrated in Amherst. Northampton is completely different world from the UMass high-fiving, beer-pong-playing undergrads. As a rule, stay away from every bar in Amherst, and enjoy exploring every bar in Northampton. Also, to be clear, PCT is as much a restaurant as it is a bar. They just happen to have a ton of awesome TVs that will all be tuned to the game. I think that it's unlikely that there will be any UMass undergrads at PCT at all. On the off chance that there are, they will be anti-UMass like yourself. I suppose there could be a few Smith students, but they will blend in with everyone else. It will be mostly townies and working folks, I'm sure.
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