Need a new work title.
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I need a new title! Currently, my title is Webmaster. Sure, I mostly do web stuff, but I also do videos occasionally, as well as general communications consulting for different folks within the company. Some key words might include: online, communications, manager (?), etc. I work in the communications department of an engineering firm.
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Director of Internet Communications

Internet Manager

Internet Communications Manager
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Signal Transferologisticmediaconsult.
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Are you a manager or a techie? How many direct reports do you have? What sort of web stuff do you do, and how many other people at the company also do web stuff? Are the videos for in-house training or outside marketing? What the heck do you mean by "general communications consulting?"

Webmaster is a meaningless title, and you're right to want to change it, but with such a vague description of what you do, you're unlikely to get responses more useful than Peter's.
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If you don't manage anyone, don't use manager.
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Response by poster: I am the only person who does web stuff. All the videos I have produced have been for in-house use.

Our company, being progressive, uses manager a bit differently. In our project management trainings, we emphasize that we manage projects, not people.

General communications consulting would include working with people to develop a plan to communicate a change in an HR process or working with our sustainability coordinator to communicate the program to employees.

Besides, Peter H.'s suggestion won't fit on my business card.
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won't fit on my business card.

Ha, well use the back for any spillover? The best titles take two cards, or even three! Just put some random letters after it, too. I'm amost serious, e.g. phd, md, mp, thgyu, sgrytouwu ...

Also, must carefully say: "we manage projects, not people."
makes my inner dot com groan and worry for you. It's not a startup with funding and a staff pretty much all out of college, mostly under 25, are they? The memories, the room spinning ... the layoffs ... (don't take stock for salary)
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Mild jokes aside, if you want a really nice soundin one, Media Operations is probably something close to what you're describing, maybe?
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Our company, being progressive incorrect, uses manager a bit differently.

I kid, I kid. Mostly. Project manager is a real title, but companies that make everybody a manager of something or other as a feel-good gesture really grate on my nerves.

Anyway. Sounds like you have two widely separated areas of responsibility (unless the website is basically an HR intranet). If you're really equally divided between the two, maybe a dual title is in order. "Webmaster" is actually not inappropriate if you've got sole responsibility for the site. For the rest, maybe "internal marketing coordinator"?
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I recently took on a new job where I'm still putting together the sites, but am also taking on a good amount of project management as well. One of my main job functions is to keep everyone's projects moving along too. So my new employers gave me the title of "Production Director". While I don't mind the title, all my friends are now asking me when my movie is going to be done :(
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Corporate Communications Manager
Internal Communications Manager
Information Management
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Multimedia Development Manager
Digital Media Manager
Digital Information Specialist
Communications Media Manager (no, it doesn't mean anything, but it sounds good!)
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Creative Director

(what my employer's webmaster/artist would be if they weren't so shy about the word director)
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