Is SSX3 that much better than SSX Tricky?
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Horribly specific somewhat-old videogame question: Is SSX3 on the Playstn2 really that much better than SSX Tricky? Specifically, is SSX Tricky worth keeping for the courses or should I just chunk it in exchange for SSX3. I have come in late to owning a PS2 (just got the new model as a gift) and picked up SSX Tricky, looking for a 1080 fix. But then I find out I have the older version of the game, and that the current installment makes the version I have obsolete. Snowboarding nerds, please advise. I want SSX3 but basically don't know if I should trade in SSX Tricky for it, or keep the older version, too. Thanks!

Yes, this is easily the dumbest question possible, but I have buyer's remorse and am conflicted! And I figure there are a couple fanatic sports players here to make the discussion somewhat worthwhile.

My biggest complaint with SSX Tricky is that you don't have the first person view you have with 1080. But it's a stunning game. I'm just wondering if SSX3 is really that much better. Thank you Askmefi for helping out this dork in crisis!
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Hey Peter, I've got SSX3 and never play it, want to trade another game for it?

For what its worth, I've played it enough to realize that I truly suck at it. Though it is a gorgeous game and the soundtrack is pretty good too.
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SSX3 is a disaster. Keep Tricky.
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Response by poster: fenriq - Hey, thanks! I would definitely take you up on it, but this is an impulse decision; ha, hoping to settle it on the way home tonight.

punishinglemur - can you elaborate?
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Ah, punishinglemur must have played a different game than me.

IMHO SSX3 is well worth the investment. Its a much deeper game than Tricky, with way more tracks, better graphics and a *much* better sound track. Tricky was little more than an "expansion pack" for the original SSX, while SSX3 is an entirely new game.
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Sequels don't make the previous incarnations of a title obsolete; don't buy into that bit of marketing. The game hasn't changed since it was released, so why is it suddenly rendered totally invalid because there's a newer version with a few new features?
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I have SSX 3 and SSX Tricky, and they're both good. I played SSX Tricky a lot more, but I had it first, so who knows. Looking back, I liked the distinct courses in Tricky better than the whole mountain style of SSX 3. More variety, IMHO.
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Response by poster: Thanks, arha and smackfu. Yeah, looking up stuff on the web I guess the main difference is that Tricky is a series of courses, and SSX3 is one big mountain? So if I really really like snowboarding games, is it possible to own both and not feel like it's redundant (meaning their two very different games), or should I just ditch Tricky? I do really like the different courses and climates a bunch.

MegoSteve - I totally see your point. It's just that I'm new to owning a PS2; I've actually played the hell out of my Dreamcast and Nintendo 64. I got the PS2 recently and wanted a snowboarding game, picked up Tricky and then found out there's an even newer version. So, you know, wait about five years to upgrade consoles and so I'm thinking, for the moment, about the newest and the shiniest. Ya know? I'm a little embarrassed in myself, to tell the truth. These are so crazy cheap though I could probably pick up a used SSX3 for $10; completely satisfying my soon-to-turn-30 "must get best snowboarding game" midlife crisis, hah.

That said, I have been playing the best videogame ever made, and its name is Katamari Damacy.

Thanks all, as always, for your answers. So ... just pick up the SSX3 in addition to Tricky, then?
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At the risk of frustrating you further, my favorite snowboarding game is Amped 2 for the Xbox.
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Response by poster: Ha, fortunately I have no Xbox! (Though the inner idiot in me was tempted by DOA Volleyball)
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Your inner idiot could be tempted by Rumble Roses.
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Response by poster: (clicks link, randomly hits buttons with Japanese words on them, finds mud wrestling image)

So how much is an Xbox anyway? Amped 2, huh?
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Yeah, I think a self respecting game library could stretch to both Tricky and SSX3: they are different enough that you'll probably get a fair bit of play out of both. I think at one point I owned all 3 SSX games, but I am a bit of a hoarder.
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Response by poster: arha, cool, I appreciate that. Yeah, the guy at the videostore pointed out (in perfect doofus voice) that Tricky is technically "out of print" which appealed to my inner comic collecting nerd self, and made me go "shit, I better get this" - which was $8, then to get online and find out about SSX3 .... oh the tailspin.

Actually, driving games and snowboarding games are my favorite wastes of time; so if it is really a different game with different tracks I'll gladly pick up the other SSX3 I figure. If you're a hoarder, what's your favorite driving game? I have Tokyo Racer on Dreamcast so I don't think I need the PS2 version, but Need For Speed looked pretty damn awesome in the demo I played.
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Xbox is $149.99, like the PS2. Actually, the more I think about it, the more I realize I liked the first Amped more than the second. I didn't care much at all for SSX Tricky, though, so you can safely take my recommendation with a grain of salt. Amped is much less cartoony and flashy.
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Response by poster: By the way, my girlfriend is laughing very hard at me right now.

"Dammit, to be misunderstood! All my life to be misunderstood!"
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Response by poster: Xbox titles do look cool, I'd just like it without a little less Xbox in there. The console feels and looks so corny. Maybe one day. Amped does look awesome though, as well as (coughs) that other game you linked, ha.

Yeah, my reaction to SSX Tricky was that the characters are pretty stupid looking. The feel of the mountain is great though. As someone who grew up near the Rockies and went skiing ofte (back before it got so expen$ive), I can tell you the sound of ice and powder really amazed me.
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Are you specifically looking for games that can be picked up cheap? Gran Turismo 3 was one the first games out on the PS2, and I played that to absolute death (I have been underawed by the subsequent Gran Turismo games). I can also highly recommend the Burnout series for a less serious take on the racing genre.
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Response by poster: Essentially the PS2 exists in my house because of Katamari Damacy (which i can NOT recommend more) so, after finally upgrading I want a great snowboarding game (or two) and a couple other racers, that basically show off the improvement in game design on the PS2 over the Dreamcast and Nintendo. A friend highly recommends SPLASHDOWN 2, too (I still love Wave Racers on n64). Yeah, I am not against quality and cheap! Is Gran Turismo more a gearhead game or a straight race game?

Thank you all for your answers, btw!

(punishinglemur, I'd still like to hear your opinion further.)
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Response by poster: I am tempted by Rez, as well as all the Eye Toy stuff, too. But the Eye Toy seems pretty gimicky. Rez, on the other hand, seems freaking beautiful.

(yes I am three years late in this discussion, I know I know, fun still though!)
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I love Katamari Damacy, too. Rez is very cool, but pricey on eBay since it's "out of print". There's supposedly going to be a rerelease of it sometime soon, though, but darned if I can find a link or a date.

I can second the recommendation of Burnout. The AI of the computer drivers in Need for Speed Underground was frustrating, but it's a good racing title.
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Burnout is great. I heard a lot about Rez and finally grabbed it, but in the end I couldn't figure out what the fuss was about. I found it frustrating. Amplitude on the other hand is a fantastic music based game.

Rumble Roses is available for the PS2 by the way.
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I love both Tricky and SSX3 for different reasons, both besides the fact that they're really the only console games that I can play well.

I'll agree with all above who said that Tricky is better because the distinct courses make the scenery more interesting, but 3 simply has more to play with. While you might only be trying to conquer the mountain (which makes the scenery slightly repetitious), you're getting more courses over the entire game (roughly twice the courses as Tricky), which makes it more bang for your buck.

SS3 also has the advantage of looking prettier - while it might be the same mountain, it just simply looks GOOD. And yes, the soundtrack is better.

Keep both, they're both as fun to play as each other and are distinct enough to make you think you're playing different games. It's also fun to compare the similarities and differences.
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As an avid gamer, let me ape what was said above:

SSX3 is great...I loved it much better than Tricky....more refined. It's like Tony Hawk can pretty much buy them sight unseen as they seem to keep improving the unimprovable game. Get SSX3 and you wont be playing Tricky much longer...

Rez is worth every penny. You have to play it a few times and modes start unlocking themselves. I'm a geek for this game and my friends don't understand me, but it's awesome. I stop my Burnout3/GTA San Andreas marathons to get some time on it.

Katamari Damacy is a must buy. So is Viewtiful Joe.

Burnout 3 is the single greatest game ever made for the PS2. Jaw Dropping. Just make sure you disable the stupid DJ.

'Nuff said.
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Response by poster: These have been great and very appreciated answers to a very ridiculous and overly specific question, thanks all!

I think, since it's only like ten bucks, I'm going to pick up SSX3 and keep Tricky and view it like a double DVD set, maybe. I love Snowboarding games severely. And if Tricky's really a bore, I can get rid of it for as much as I paid, probably. But it sounds like I might enjoy both. Thanks again.

Now to get the $40 for Rumble Ro....
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Response by poster: Update to any and all concerned: Picked up SSX3 and have, in fact, lost almost all interest in Tricky. The powder is incredible in this game! Thanks all. I like both games but shit if SSX3 isnt a new raison d'etre or something. Damn, great escape it is.

Have not given in to the temptation of the bikini mud wrestling game, but give me time, I suspect!
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