What's the Lady Gaga/Fiona Apple connection?
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Is Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" music video intentionally similar to Fiona Apple's "Criminal" video?

Also, is there a name for the lighting technique used in both videos, that makes everything seem seedy and porno-ish?
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It's really just underlit. And they aren't using professional techniques like a diffuser, so they are getting hard-edged shadows. One step above putting a light on the camera.
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It's a pretty common style, meant to evoke decadence I think. this guy uses it a lot.
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Best answer: It is meant to look like a polaroid, your best choice for making home made porn and not having to show it to strangers, before the digital age. Also, if you take the video alongside the lyrics, both songs use the classic come on "wow, I am (was) so wasted, someone probably could (did) take advantage of me".
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Well, Mark Romanek, the director of 'Criminal' said (on the commentary track) that the visual style was directly influenced by the photography of Nobuyoshi Araki (NSFW google image search).

Don't know about the connection between 'Just Dance' and 'Criminal', but the latter was not a original idea as such.
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slimepuppy - I think Romanek was referring to the other Araki (the Japanese-American film director.)

idiopath - I don't know how you get that interpretation, the Criminal lyrics don't mention anyone being wasted

Both artists are from New York and both videos have that stylish 'New York loft' look about them.
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Lanark: "the Criminal lyrics don't mention anyone being wasted"

idiopath: "if you take the video alongside the lyrics"

The video for Criminal opens with scattered empty beer bottles, and bodies passed out on the floor.
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