Local Apache server + public wireless = problem?
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I have a new EeePC 1000HE with Windows XP, which I want to use for both web development and casual web browsing. Are there security issues with installing Apache and PHP on a machine that is also used to access public wireless internet? If so, what steps can I take to make my netbook more secure?
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Best answer: If you're concerned about other users of the same wireless network being able to access the web server on your computer, set it up so it's only listening on the loopback interface (localhost -- and it'll only be accessible from your own computer.
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I came in here to provide the precise answer that Fishbike did. Loopback is your friend in a situation like this.
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PHP is not known for being particularly secure, but running Apache and PHP is only adding a negligible security risk considering that the host OS is XP. No snark or MS bashing, your time worrying about security is much more fruitfully spent looking in to XP than Apache or PHP. And yeah, only allowing access from eliminates all Apache/PHP related risk.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the recommendations!
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Most firewalls should block most/all inbound connections by default (I'm pretty sure the built-in XP one will block inbound port 80), and it's important to have that extra layer in case you screw up the Apache/MySQL/whatever settings and leave something open.
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