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Seeking a vanishingly obscure SF novel, "Stranger from the Deep".

A good friend has several times mentioned sadly he'd like to get hold of a book he read as a kid, called "Stranger from the Deep". The web's usually a good source of info on science fiction, but this book's so obscure the only Google hit I find is a comment on a blog which confirms a couple of the plot details my friend has mentioned: an alien living at the bottom of the ocean has a machine that can bore into the earth's crust, whereupon beings are discovered living down there.

I can't even find out who wrote the book, but my impression is that it may have been distributed by Scholastic Books, which used to sell books direct through schools here in Canada (and, presumably, as noted in that blog entry, in New Zealand and elsewhere). So it might be technically considered a children's book, although not a tiny tots one.

It's not listed on Alibris or Abebooks, before you look, and not among Amazon's out-of-print listings either. But if you have any info on it I'd be glad to know more.
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Best answer: It is Stranger from the Depths, Scholastic 1970 by Gerry Turner
posted by Emera Gratia at 11:34 AM on April 5, 2009

Have you tried Precision Sci Fi Booksearch? I have a feeling that the title might be wrong but this might narrow it down some.
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Oops, looks like Emera Gratia got it.
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Response by poster: Brilliant, Emera Gratia. Thanks!
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