How do I block specific websites in Firefox?
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Is there a firefox extension or an easy to use program that can block specific websites? While I don't normally have a problem, I've been noticing that I get on Mefi and basically don't get off. If I don't get on, that would probably solve the problem. The best and easiest way I can think of doing that, is a program. So: suggestions?
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what OS?
posted by andrew cooke at 11:42 AM on November 17, 2004're asking Mefi how you should go about abandoning Mefi? Talk about head games...
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Best answer: Just edit your hosts file to point the domains back to your own computer. Example for Windows is here. OS X and Linux have a similar configuration file.
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If you can block it you can unblock it, no? I don't see that as a major deterrent.

However, I had a similar problem with the Net in general. I created another user on my system and didn't load any internet apps on it. It was a pain to log out and back in all the time (more so than just blocking or unblocking a site) and it worked for me. I went to the other user whenever I needed to do something without distractions.
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The Adblock extension for Firefox can do site blocking. You have to turn it on in the preferences and then add metafilter to the block list.
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Edit your hosts file to point for the ip of a site displaying goatse.
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or tubgirl.
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Response by poster: ba, I'm just abandoning Mefi at school, not at home.

And getting it to point at tubgirl or goatse is a wonderful example of negative reinforcement, and there's no way I'd ever do it. At least to myself. But thanks, anyway.
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Best answer: Here's a foolproof way to solve your problem.

1. Do the hosts file thing as recommended above. For good measure, add all the sites that are "problems" for you.

2. Get a password protection program like FileVault (there's a lot of freeware for the various OS's that does the same thing) and password protect the hosts file, or the folder it's in. Now you can't change hosts without entering a password.

3. Use a password randomizer like this one to create a long, bizarre password you have no hope of remembering. Use this as your hosts file password.

4. Write it down. Bring it home and give it to your SO or your roommate and tell them to put it away without telling you where, and tell them why.

5. Now you have no access to problem sites, except by first talking to someone else who knows why you've done this, and getting them to give you the password.
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Well, as long as it's only at school, stoneegg21, I guess that's okay. It's not something we did is it? Or because we're fat? I bet it's because we're fat.
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I have had some issues with certain sites and net addiction (which we won't get into here for, er, um... obvious reasons). My solution was to go into my broadband router (netgear) and block the sites. Now, if I happen to click on those bookmarks, I get a big black and red "SITE RESTRICTED" screen instead of the normal sites I would be looking at.
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I have done this many a time but it is soooooo easy to edit it back out.
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At school, find hosts in your Windows(WinNT, whatever)\System32\drivers\etc\ and redirect Metafilter and its children to google, or one of its ilk.

Every time you get to google, do a search on something homework related. At least your distractions will be more productive.
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