What is the best website to email me new album releases?
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What is the best free website that will allow me to enter my favourite bands and it will email me when they release a new album? I've tried using the alerts option on itunes but it doesn't seem to be working. I'd like to have something else to back it up.
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This one is relatively new so I'm not sure if it's good: Crap, I missed it!
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Last.fm + Soundamus?
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(Dunno if Soundamus is the best--it's literally the only one I've ever tried.)
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If you can accept the noise, a google news alert for the band name spikes whenever an album is released. I have the weekly alert for a couple of bands, and when an album is released in jumps from one or two stories to 10 or more.
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Almost all bands have an emailing list you could sign up for. They will tell you when they are releasing a new album.
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I believe the iLike app in facebook will email you about new albums, in addition to local concerts. That should work if you don't mind telling the world what bands you really like. OTOH, maybe their website has a standalone capability like that.
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